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Swatch of the Day: L’oreal Purple Priority Infallible Eyeshadow

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Loreal Purple Priority

I don’t have a lot of time to blog today, so here’s a quick swatch of one of the new L’oreal Butterfly Collection Infallible shades, which are permanent ($7.99 at Ulta.com or drugstore.com), Purple Priority.  I love the Infallible formula, but only two shades in the collection interested me – this one and Gilded Envy, swatched here.

Loreal Purple Priority swatch

Photographed with flash

Loreal Purple Priority swatch-2

Photographed with flash & blur to show texture / sparkle

This is a lovely shade and great quality – if you’re looking for a purple eyeshadow, I recommend it.

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CoverGirl Copper Fling Bombshell Shine Shadow Review & Swatches

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Covergirl Bombshell Shineshadow Copper Fling

One of Covergirl’s new 2014 releases is the Bombshell Shineshadow, a sparkling cream shadow packaged in a small tube. It’s available online for $8.99 from Ulta / Drugstore.com, and for $6.99 from Target. (By the way, Ulta is currently having a 20% off almost everything – including most prestige brands.  Go to ulta.com/friends and enter your information to get a coupon emailed to you, valid online & in-store through January 18th.)

Back to the Bombshell Shineshadow: I don’t love the packaging – using a tube works well, but it really needs a tapered / nozzle tip rather than the flat tip, because you only need a little and the current flat tip is not precise enough.

The shadow is quite creamy, and I found that it applied best with a brush.  If I use my fingers, I accidentally blend away too much – but with a brush, I can get more opaque coverage.  I have tried out the shadow both as a base and worn alone, and it didn’t crease on me.

I puchased the shade Copper Fling, which is a peachy copper that is relatively close to my skintone.  It’s quite subtle (not blingy like I expected!), and, I think, quite pretty.

Covergirl Bombshell Shineshadow Copper Fling Swatch

Copper Fling: dab, blended swatch

Covergirl Bombshell Shineshadow Copper Fling Swatch

Copper Fling: Angled & fuzzy to show multicolored sparkle

Overall, this is quite a nice cream eyeshadow – it applies and it wears well, and has just the right amount of sparkle for my tastes. Recommended!

*I purchased the product(s) featured in this post.   This post contains one or more affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

NYX Cream Shadow Swatches

Purchased – No Affiliate LinksNYX Cream Shadow - Chocolate - Deep Purple

I recently started a new full time job, and I’m trying to figure out to manage to find time to blog – and also to find daylight hours to photograph swatches! In the meantime, I’m going through my drafts folder, and I found these photos of two NYX cream eyeshadow I bought.

I don’t really have a review – they creased, I returned them – but I thought I might as well post the swatches! Enjoy. Continue reading

New Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes: Swatches & Quick Review

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Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes

G. over at Nouveau Cheap posted a few days ago about some new and permanent Wet n Wild items that are starting to show up in stores. I found two of the items, the 5-pan palettes & balm stains (which appear to be similar to the Revlon and Jordana ones) at CVS, and decided to purchase all of the palettes and three of the balm stains. This evening, I have swatches of all the palettes as well as some initial thoughts.

Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes

click to enlarge

This post is fairly image heavy – more after the jump! Continue reading

Cheap Thrills: Holiday Profusion Palettes at Walgreens

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Walgreens Profusion holiday palettes

You can’t really see the packaging here, but they have a clear lid – very basic. And as you can see, I used them before photographing, hope you don’t mind!

Lately, I’ve been trying to purchase less and downsize, but when G. over at Nouveau Cheap mentioned that the Walgreens holiday Profusion 5-pan palettes – which sell for $1 each! – are good quality, I thought I’d give one a try. I initially purchased the purples palette, and was so surprised/happy by the quality that I bought the greens as well.

Also – I posted these swatches on my Instagram a few days ago, and I’ve been using Instagram lately for “spotted at the drugstore” posts as well – please follow me there if you are interested in that type of post! Or cat pictures.

I used a finger to swatch and did not use primer.

Profusion Walgreens - purples palette

Profusion purples palette – no primer

From left to right:

1. Basic white shimmer; good quality, but nothing special.
2. Iridescent grey/purple – this is by far my favorite shade. It’s somewhat sheer, but I think it works very well with the color. It’s also gorgeous over a black base.
3. Eggplant/maroon with a low-shimmer finish. Very pretty, but hard to wear without looking bruised. This one is slightly sheer.
4. Blurple that leans blue – again a very pretty low-shimmer finish. Pigmentation isn’t great, but it’s workable
5. Satin-finish black – it’s fine, but I have better blacks.

Overall, I’d say that four of the shades are skippable, but that second shade is great, and I’d pay more than $1 for it alone.

Profusion Walgreens - greens palette

Profusion greens palette – no primer

Again from left to right:

1. Peachy shimmer – good pigmentation, lovely shade.
2. Bronzey shimmer – this shade has incredible pigmentation, it looked just like this after one swipe (though I did two for no particular reason). And it’s a gorgeous color, too!
3. Lime green, poor pigmentation – the swatch is three swipes.
4. Blackened green with a low shimmer finish – great color, but I have other blackened greens I prefer.
5. Satin finish black, same as the purples palette.

Of the greens, I love the first two shades (which again make such a cheap palette worth it for me), and the latter three are skippable. I might try to depot the shades I like and toss the rest, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the the risk, as I often harm shadows when depotting! I’m just not patient enough, I think.

Here’s that second shade applied as a wash, blended out with Burberry Trench:

Walgreens Profusion applied

I believe these are exclusive to Walgreens, and only available in-store – sorry international folk & those without a Walgreens nearby! If you do have access to Walgreens, will you be looking for these palettes?

Almay Shadow Softie in Smoke – Swatches & Quick Review

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Almay Shadow Softies display

Almay Shadow Softies display at Target

It’s the time of year when the drugstores are full of new products, both limited-edition holiday collections and new permanent items. I’ve been trying to buy less lately, but I have purchased some of the new offerings – most recently, one of Almay’s new (& permanent) Shadow Softie cream eyeshadows.  Note that the Target display above does not have all of the available colors; Nouveau Cheap posted a picture of a different display that states the collection has twelve colors.

When I first saw the display, I wasn’t sure if these were powder or cream shadows – “whipped” certainly implies cream, but before you touch them, they very much look like powders.  I bought one shade, Smoke, to test out.

Almay Shadow Softies - Smoke Almay Shadow Softies - Smoke-2

The texture of this eyeshadow is really interesting – it’s very different from any eyeshadow I’ve tried before. When I first touched it, I couldn’t tell if it was a very silky powder or a dryish cream; it sort of feels like a hybrid cream/powder. Continue reading