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Revlon Fifth Avenue Red Vintage Lipstick Review & Swatches

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Revlon Fifth Ave Red-2

Revlon recently rereleased five “vintage” discontinued shades from the Super Lustrous lipstick line. The rereleased shades are (sadly!) limited edition this time around. I really like the Super Lustrous lipsticks – they are creamy, comfortable to wear, and have no scent. Note that the creme finish Super Lustrous lipsticks are different from the previously reviewed Super Lustrous Shine lipsticks (there are also shimmer/frost finish & matte finish Super Lustrous lipsticks – I don’t own any of the shimmers, but the mattes are great).

revlon vintage super lustrous lipstick

The five rereleased shades are, as you see above, Icy Violet, Snow Peach, Sandstorm, Fifth Ave Red, and Jungle Peach. I found a full display, but only one of the shades called to me – Fifth Ave Red. And it is a fantastic red! The color is gorgeous, a deep true red – and the formula is as good as I expect the Super Lustrous lipsticks to be.

Revlon Fifth Ave Red Vintage Super Lustrous Swatch

Revlon Fifth Ave Red – it has no sparkle, it’s just the way the light reflecting back.

Revlon Fifth Ave Red Swatch-2

Revlon Fifth Ave Red – this is the most color-accurate swatch.

The lip swatch above is more color-accurate than the partial face picture below.

Revlon Fifth Ave Red Swatch

This swatch is slightly less color-accurate – it’s a bit washed out, but I wanted to show how it reads on the face.

Did you pick up any of the rereleased / vintage shades?

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Cheap Thrills: Holiday Profusion Palettes at Walgreens

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Walgreens Profusion holiday palettes

You can’t really see the packaging here, but they have a clear lid – very basic. And as you can see, I used them before photographing, hope you don’t mind!

Lately, I’ve been trying to purchase less and downsize, but when G. over at Nouveau Cheap mentioned that the Walgreens holiday Profusion 5-pan palettes – which sell for $1 each! – are good quality, I thought I’d give one a try. I initially purchased the purples palette, and was so surprised/happy by the quality that I bought the greens as well.

Also – I posted these swatches on my Instagram a few days ago, and I’ve been using Instagram lately for “spotted at the drugstore” posts as well – please follow me there if you are interested in that type of post! Or cat pictures.

I used a finger to swatch and did not use primer.

Profusion Walgreens - purples palette

Profusion purples palette – no primer

From left to right:

1. Basic white shimmer; good quality, but nothing special.
2. Iridescent grey/purple – this is by far my favorite shade. It’s somewhat sheer, but I think it works very well with the color. It’s also gorgeous over a black base.
3. Eggplant/maroon with a low-shimmer finish. Very pretty, but hard to wear without looking bruised. This one is slightly sheer.
4. Blurple that leans blue – again a very pretty low-shimmer finish. Pigmentation isn’t great, but it’s workable
5. Satin-finish black – it’s fine, but I have better blacks.

Overall, I’d say that four of the shades are skippable, but that second shade is great, and I’d pay more than $1 for it alone.

Profusion Walgreens - greens palette

Profusion greens palette – no primer

Again from left to right:

1. Peachy shimmer – good pigmentation, lovely shade.
2. Bronzey shimmer – this shade has incredible pigmentation, it looked just like this after one swipe (though I did two for no particular reason). And it’s a gorgeous color, too!
3. Lime green, poor pigmentation – the swatch is three swipes.
4. Blackened green with a low shimmer finish – great color, but I have other blackened greens I prefer.
5. Satin finish black, same as the purples palette.

Of the greens, I love the first two shades (which again make such a cheap palette worth it for me), and the latter three are skippable. I might try to depot the shades I like and toss the rest, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the the risk, as I often harm shadows when depotting! I’m just not patient enough, I think.

Here’s that second shade applied as a wash, blended out with Burberry Trench:

Walgreens Profusion applied

I believe these are exclusive to Walgreens, and only available in-store – sorry international folk & those without a Walgreens nearby! If you do have access to Walgreens, will you be looking for these palettes?

Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact Review, Swatches, Photos

Burberry Sheer Summer Glow
Burberry’s Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact is a limited-edition product for this summer.   Nordstrom’s website has the following information on its intended use:
 How to use: gently blend the four shades using the Burberry Beauty Brush. Apply all over the face for a fresh and natural glow. Each shade may also be used separately to highlight and sculpt the face by applying color to the forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin. 

Thus, it’s intended as both a highlighter and a contouring product.  However, I prefer my contouring products matte, so I intend to use it as a highlighter and a bronzer. 
The Sheer Summer Glow compact packaging is exactly like an oversized Burberry eyeshadow: both are housed in square, metal compacts embossed with the signature Burberry design.  While I love the heft of the metal compact, the compact is magnetic in such a way that’s it’s physically impossible to stack the eyeshadows/ Sheer Summer Glow (the magnets repel each other), which I find very annoying for storage.
Burberry size comparison
Inside the compact, there are four squares of color. Each is large enough to pick up individually, or they can be swirled together.  All four are shimmery – but it’s a glowy, illuminating type of shimmer, not one where you see the individual particles of shimmer/glitter.  The powder is very high quality – it is very soft, smooth, and blends flawlessly. 

And, swatches! This is all four swatched individually (the pink is almost invisible on my skintone), and then blended together (also almost invisible on my arm). Please click on the swatch photo to enlarge it.  Because of the way the colors show up on me, I anticipate that I will mostly use the left half as a bronzer, and the right half as a highlighter.  I can also use all four shades together as a subtle highlighter. 

The Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Compact is available at Nordstrom.com, and a few select Nordstrom stores have Burberry counters (I’m lucky that there is one near me so I was able to go see this in person before purchasing!).


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