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Wet n Wild Fergie Summer 2014: Mixing Metals Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild Fergie Mixing Metals-2

Wet n Wild Fergie has released a few limited edition eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks for Summer 2014, and today I have the Centerstage Collection Photo Focus eyeshadow palette in Mixing Metals.  My previous experiences with the Wet n Wild Fergie eyeshadows have been less than stellar (one, two), but I guess third time is the charm, because this palette is great! Continue reading

Wet n Wild Summer 2014 LE ColorIcon Bronzer/Blush Review & Swatches

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WnW ColorIcon Bronzer LE Summer 2014

Hold Me Close // Dusk Til Dawn // Everything Under the Sun

Wet n Wild has released a small collection for Summer 2014; it includes three limited edition ColorIcon bronzer/blushes which I’ll be reviewing today plus six nail polishes.  First, let’s take a look at the three limited edition bronzers compared to the three permanent bronzers. Continue reading

Quick Swatches: Revlon LE Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Polish

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Revlon Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Polish

Caribbean Cove // Balinese Bay // Moroccan Oasis // Lana’i Lagoon // Mayan Riviera // Brazilian Beach

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days – I’ve been swamped at work. I’m hoping to get back to posting every day soon.  Today I have quick nail wheel swatches of Revlon’s newest limited edition polish collection, the Haute Rocks polishes, which are supposed to have a “pebbled” texture “inspired by exotic pebbled beaches.”

Quick review: I don’t like these alone (though you might), and I don’t like the “pebbled” texture (though I generally love textures). However, I really love them layered with topcoat added. I bought six of the eight available shades, and have bottle shots of the two I didn’t buy: Continue reading

Maybelline Very Berry Baby Lips: Review, Swatches, Comparison

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Maybelline Very Berry Baby Lips Pinked

Maybelline recently released a new collection of tinted Baby Lips balms for spring, called the “Pink’ed” collection. It contains five new and limited edition shades, which you can see below. I bought one, in the shade Very Berry.

I haven’t reviewed Baby Lips balms before, but I like them. I don’t find them particularly moisturizing, so they’re not my choice to actually repair dry lips.  However, when my lips are in good condition, they work well enough, and I especially like the tinted ones. Continue reading

Revlon Electroshock Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review & Swatches

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Revlon Electro Shock

Good morning! Revlon recently released the Electric Chrome collection based on The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie. It includes six new, limited edition nail polishes and three new, limited edition Super Lustrous glosses, as well as some permanent product repromotes.  You can see the collection on my Instagram here and a close up of the three glosses here.  I have to say, I think the best part of this collection is the packaging – love the gold spiderweb nail polish & lipgloss tops! Continue reading

Wet n Wild Cursed & Deception Swatches & an Orange Jelly Polish Comparison

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Wet n Wild Cursed Deception LE Polish

Cursed // Deception

Wet n Wild has released a collection of six new & limited edition Wild Shine polishes for Spring 2014, called the Street Art collection.  I spotted these in store a week or two ago, and initially bought only the purple, Deception. After seeing G.’s swatches over at Nouveau Cheap, I went back and picked up the orange, Cursed, as well.

Tonight, I have quick swatches of both plus an orange jelly comparison.

First, here’s Deception at one coat, two coats, and three coats. It’s on the sheer side – it took three coats to be reasonably opaque, and I suspect four coats would be needed to fully cover the nail line.

Wet n Wild Deception Swatches

Deception – 1, 2, 3 coats

Next up, Cursed. It’s streaky at one coat, but perfectly even at two coats.  It’s  fantastic, and I’d highly recommend it, especially for 99 cents.

Wet n Wild Cursed Swatches

Cursed – 1, 2, 3 coats

I have a couple orange jelly-finish polishes that I thought would be similar to cursed, so I compared them. From left to right in both photos, we have OPI Y’all Come Back, Ya Hear? (from the Texas collection), Wet n Wild Cursed, and L’oreal Mango Mamma (from the Miss Candy collection).

Orange Jelly Polish Swatches

Orange jellies!

Orange Jelly Polish Comparison Swatches

OPI // Wet n Wild // L’oreal

They look very similar, but note that this is 3-4 coats of the OPI and the L’oreal, but only two coats of the Wet n Wild – it’s much more opaque than the others, almost a crelly finish instead of a true jelly.

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