Revlon Electroshock Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review & Swatches

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Revlon Electro Shock

Good morning! Revlon recently released the Electric Chrome collection based on The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie. It includes six new, limited edition nail polishes and three new, limited edition Super Lustrous glosses, as well as some permanent product repromotes.  You can see the collection on my Instagram here and a close up of the three glosses here.  I have to say, I think the best part of this collection is the packaging – love the gold spiderweb nail polish & lipgloss tops!

I bought one lip gloss from the collection, called Electroshock ($7.99 at Ulta). In the tube, it’s a sparkling blue-purple duochrome. Applied, it’s a very sheer blue with copper and blue sparkle, and no visible color shift. I did do a lip swatch, but only the glitter showed up. I find it a bit disappointing, honestly.

Revlon Electroshock swatch

Revlon Electroshock

I’ve also swatched it over black and over red; it’s definitely better layered, though the blue is still sheer.

Revlon Electroshock swatch-2

Revlon Electroshock – alone // over black // over red

Overall? Gorgeous in the tube, fantastic packaging, but not as special once applied. I do like the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss formula, and this a solid choice for a sparkling gloss – it’s just not as blue as I had hoped!

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  • Haha I thought it’s some type of loose eyeshadow when I saw the first photo! It’s uh interesting to make a gloss in this shade. I’m guessing it’ll look great on purplish/plum lipsticks? Don’t think I’m brave enough to give it a go tho!

  • I’m bummed it isn’t more pigmented, I was pretty excited to see a blue lipgloss on the store shelves! Still seems pretty though, might pick it up anyway.

  • giselle

    Hmmm.. does the blue tint make your teeth look whiter?

  • I was curious how this was going to swatch – no surprise that it’s clear. I wouldn’t want an opaque blue gloss but something buildable would’ve been nice haha. Ah well, I don’t like lip gloss much anyway.

  • Quinctia

    I just couldn’t resist this and, even though it is not blue at all once it’s on the lips, it really seemed to neutralize the natural rosy tone of my lips. So I ended up with a pretty good nude lip look.