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NOTD Spam!

Revlon Heavenly - jelly sandwich - swatch

Revlon Heavenly in a jelly sandwich

Today, my NOTD is a jelly sandwich using Revlon Heavenly and OPI Care To Danse.  The full mani is a coat of OPI, Revlon, 2nd OPI, 2nd Revlon, 3rd OPI, then topcoat. I did the thinnest coats I could manage, and I love how it turned out!

For some reason posts with just one photo of one NOTD feel incomplete to me, so here are some other recent manis I’ve done:

Two coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire over one coat of OPI Dating a Royal – Fantasy Fire has a gorgeous color shift! Unfortunately, Fantasy Fire is not available in the US.

max factor fantasy fire

with flash

max factor fantasy fire

artificial light

Hits Phenomena Moonbow (buy at Llarowe) – this is two coats over black. Another color shifting polish, I just love duochromes & multichromes so much!

And good news on the kitten front: they came home from the animal hospital Sunday evening, spent all day yesterday sleeping, and are feeling much, much better and more playful today – they are currently chasing each other all over the house, and could not be any cuter if they tried!

NOTD: Ludurana Emocionante

Ludurana Emocionante

I rarely post straight-up nail swatches (there are just so many bloggers with much better application skills and prettier nails than me!), but this nail polish is to pretty not to post.  It’s Ludurana Emocionante.  Ludurana is a brand from Brazil; I ordered mine from Llarowe, and it’s also available at Ninja Polish.

In the swatch, I’m wearing two coats of Emocionante.  I think it would also be lovely as one coat over black, but I wanted to try it on its own first.  The duochrome is very very strong and just gorgeous – I cannot stop staring at my nails! I found that the polish dried quickly. I’m not sure about wear yet, because I just applied it yesterday afternoon.

What’s your favorite duochrome polish?


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