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Sinful Colors Polar Opposites NOTD and Magnetic Nail Polish Magnet Strength Comparison

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites swatch

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

One of my favorite nail polish trends of the past year or so is magnetic nail polish – I know some people are getting tired of it, but don’t think I ever will; it’s like nail art for dummies!

My newest magnetic nail polish acquisition is Sinful Colors Polar Opposites.  As you can see, it’s really lovely – silvery grey with a blue shimmer. The blue shimmer is more prominent in person.  The formula was great – thin and even. I might have been able to get away with one coat, but I did two.  And, the design didn’t smear or change at all when I applied topcoat.
Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

The magnet that the Sinful Colors polish comes with is very strong, and it inspired me to pull out all of nail polish magnets I’ve acquired and compare them – something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now!  I used Nails, Inc. Trafalger Square magnetic nail polish – I applied two coats to each nail on the wheel, and while the second coat was wet, held each magnet near the wheel for a count of ten.
Nail polish magnets comparison

Nail polish magnets

The nail polish cap magnet is from the Nails, Inc. polish. The horseshoe shaped magnet with three designs is (obviously) China Glaze.  The magnet with a ring on the back is the Sinful Colors magnet. The small boat-shaped magnets are from the Pretty Woman Magnetix polishes found at Rite Aide – the black one is wavy lines, and the red one is straight lines.
The results:
Magnetic Nail Polish - magnet strength comparison

Magnets used:
Nails, Inc; Sinful Colors; China Glaze chevron, star, lines; Pretty Woman wavy lines, straight lines.

Please note that it is harder to use magnets on a nail wheel than on your nails – everything would look clearer and better on nails.  However, it’s obvious that some magnets are far better than others. The Nails, Inc. and Sinful Colors magnets are very strong, and they will be my go-to for wavy lines and stars from now on. The China Glaze chevron also did well, so I will continue to use that. Everything else was both disappointing and a repeat of a stronger magnet, so there’s no need for me to use it.

Are you a fan of magnetic nail polish? Or are you over it already?