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Surratt Beauty-8

I went to Barneys a few days ago to check out makeup artist Troy Surratt’s new line, the self-titled Surratt. The line is exclusive to Barneys, which only has a few locations – I’m lucky to live near one of them.  Everything is also available online (though much of it is currently sold out).

Surratt Beauty - Parfait blush, Cuive eyeshadow, Chamois eyeshadow

Parfait blush // Cuive eyeshadow // Chamois eyeshadow

Surrat Beauty packaging

The eyeshadow & blush covers easily slide off.

I played with most of the different items, and ended up purchasing a blush (Parfait), two eyeshadows (Chamois & Cuivre) and a compact for them.  I love the packaging of the line – it’s very understated and also very compact.  I think it might be my favorite packaging of any makeup line ever, actually. The blushes and eyeshadows come with a sliding plastic cover, which easily slides off them entirely, leaving just the pan, which you can either place into one of Surratt’s own compacts or your own freestyle palette. The pans are not magnetized – they’re plastic – but they come with double-sided stickers you can use to stick them to the compact. The stickers hold them in securely, and I would guess that they remove fairly easily, but I haven’t tried to remove them.  Unfortunately, putting on the sticker does cover up the label.  The compact has  pinholes in the bottom to poke out the pans if needed.

Surratt Beauty-4

Surratt Beauty-5

double-sided stickers

Surratt Beauty-7

finished compact – sorry so blurry!

The compacts are gorgeous – they look black when viewed straight on, but they have a green/purple duochrome shimmer that shows up at some angles (and is very difficult to photograph!).  I obviously have the size that fits four eyeshadow, but there’s also a larger compact that fits six shadows.

Surratt packaging

Shimmer across the top is purple at some angles, green at others.

The powder products feel really lovely – very creamy and silky.  Parfait blush is a peachy pink, Cuive eyeshadow is a warm brown with gold and pink micro-glitter, and Chamois eyeshadow is a soft beiege. Both Parfait  and  eyeshadow have soft satin-matte finishes; they aren’t flat matte, but they don’t have any visible shimmer or sparkle.

Surratt Beauty-6

using flash to attempt to show texture!

The following swatches were applied with a fingertip on clean skin (no primer). Parfait seemed to be one of the less pigmented blushes in the line. I actually prefer a slightly more pigmented blush, but this is a very easy-to-wear blush, both in color and in pigmentation level. Some of the blushes were more pigmented, and all seemed very smooth and easy to blend out. I have my eye on Vreeland Rougeur, a deep berry red!

Chamois is a really lovely blending and/or highlight shade.  Once I got home, I realized that it’s basically identical to Burberry Trench (review) both in color and finish. I would have purchased a different shade if I had realized, but I’ll still get good wear out of it – I use Trench almost every time I wear makeup and it’s about 60% finished.  Surratt eyeshadows are $20 for 1.7g ($11.76 per gram) and Burberry eyeshadows are $29 for 2.5g ($11.60 per gram), so they’re pretty much equivalent in value, but the Surratt is a better choice if you don’t think you’ll actually finish the shadow.

I really like the microglitter in Cuive, and I am pleased to report that I haven’t had any trouble with fallout. There was just a little fallout when I applied, and none that I noticed during the day.

Surratt Beauty  - swatches - parfait - chamois - cuive

Parfait // Chamois // Cuive

Lasting power for everything seems pretty much average to me, but I really haven’t worn these enough times to know for sure.

Since Surratt isn’t widely available to play with in person and there isn’t a ton of information online yet, here are my thoughts on some of the other products:

  • Lipslique sheer lipsticks seem nice – good color range, nice texture. I’m interested in buying one someday.
  • Lip Lustre glosses come in a variety of interesting colors, just slightly sticky.
  • Automatique Lip Crayons are fantastic colors, but slightly less pigmented than I consider ideal. Bellyhead has them all swatched here.
  • Smokey Eye Batons are quite nice – there’s a really lovely taupe shade, but I am not sure of the name (I don’t see it listed online). The liner is creamy and pigmented, and the shadows are beautiful as well.
  • Brow pencils seem to be good quality – they’re very thin and have the right amount of pigment to show up, but look natural.
  • I didn’t like the brow pomade – it made my eyebrows have an odd texture that felt sort of dirty to me. I don’t usually use any brow gel or wax though, so I have no idea how it compares to similar products.

I was told that new products will be added to the line soonish, and there will eventually be brushes as well.

Have you had a chance to check out the Surratt line / are you planning to? And does anyone love the packaging as much as I do?

*I purchased the product(s) featured in this post.   This post does not contain any affiliate links. 

  • Icequeen81

    pretty neutral shades

  • Lovely review! So far the line doesn’t seem that unique just from browsing online, but maybe swatching in person would change my opinion 🙂

  • Liz

    I’ve never heard of Surratt but the minimalist packaging is really appealing to me too. Nice picks. 🙂

  • Kate Driveller

    That blush swatches BEAUTIFULLY! Thank you so much for the overview — I’m eyeing those bloody batons now D:

  • interesting pan construction..i do like the fade-design though!

  • Bellyhead

    Oooh! I love your purchases! I like the sleek aesthetics of the brand. And I love how the blush looks!

  • I like the look of this, ooh la!

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