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Quick Swatches: Revlon LE Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Polish

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Revlon Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Polish

Caribbean Cove // Balinese Bay // Moroccan Oasis // Lana’i Lagoon // Mayan Riviera // Brazilian Beach

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days – I’ve been swamped at work. I’m hoping to get back to posting every day soon.  Today I have quick nail wheel swatches of Revlon’s newest limited edition polish collection, the Haute Rocks polishes, which are supposed to have a “pebbled” texture “inspired by exotic pebbled beaches.”

Quick review: I don’t like these alone (though you might), and I don’t like the “pebbled” texture (though I generally love textures). However, I really love them layered with topcoat added. I bought six of the eight available shades, and have bottle shots of the two I didn’t buy: Continue reading

Milani Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Gloss Review & Swatches

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Milani  Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Gloss

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss – Ravish Raspberry

Milani has released several new & permanent items for 2014, including 14 shades of a new lip gloss called the Brilliant Shine Gloss. I purchased one shade, Ravish Raspberry, and have been wearing / testing it for the past few weeks.

First, I really like the packaging – I find the square shape very appealing, and I’m always a fan of clear tubes for gloss. I don’t love the gold top, but I don’t mind it either.  The applicator is a flattened doe-foot shape and it works well to apply the gloss.

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss applicator

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss – applicator

The gloss itself is thicker and sticker than I prefer, but not SO sticky that I find it unwearable.  It’s (moderately) moisturizing while worn, but doesn’t leave any lasting moisture. It smells very sweet, like vanilla sugar cookies.

Ravish Raspberry is bright pink with no shimmer or sparkle (about half the shades are shimmery).  It applies very evenly and doesn’t settle into lip lines.

Milani Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Gloss swatch

Ravish Raspberry

I unfortunately do not have a lip swatch for this – but you can see all 14 shades swatches on Vampy Varnish here (skin swatches plus close-up lip swatches) and on Makeup and Beauty Blog here (skin swatches plus & full-face photos).

Overall, this is a really nice gloss and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind a sweet scent and a slightly sticky texture.  Neither of those are my preference, but they aren’t a dealbreaker, so I’m planning to pick up Red My Lips (bright red) & Black Cherry (deep red-berry) the next time I see them on sale.


Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster BB Cream Review & Swatches

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PF Bronze Booster BB

Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster BB Cream

Whoever is in charge of Physician’s Formula seems to be totally obsessed with bronzers – there are 34 different TYPES (not shades) listed on their website. Their newest bronzer-related innovation is a “Bronze Booster” Glow-boosint BB cream that supposedly replaces moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen, and bronzer.  It sounded to me like it would likely just be a too-dark foundation, but I was too intrigued not to try it out (on sale!).

Continue reading

Swatch of the Day: L’oreal Purple Priority Infallible Eyeshadow

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Loreal Purple Priority

I don’t have a lot of time to blog today, so here’s a quick swatch of one of the new L’oreal Butterfly Collection Infallible shades, which are permanent ($7.99 at Ulta.com or drugstore.com), Purple Priority.  I love the Infallible formula, but only two shades in the collection interested me – this one and Gilded Envy, swatched here.

Loreal Purple Priority swatch

Photographed with flash

Loreal Purple Priority swatch-2

Photographed with flash & blur to show texture / sparkle

This is a lovely shade and great quality – if you’re looking for a purple eyeshadow, I recommend it.

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Wet n Wild Fergie Take The Day On Mattifying Powder in Pedestal: Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild Fergie Mattifying Powder

Wet n Wild has released several new items for 2014, both under the Fergie sub-brand and the main brand. Thus far, I’ve reviewed the Fergie Vicious Varnish stains (love!), Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains (like), and Wet n Wild 5-pan eyeshadow palettes (dislike).  Today I have a review of the Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Take on the Day Mattifying Powder in Pedestal (the only shade).

Although this is described as a mattifying powder, the extended description makes it clear that in addition to mattifying, it is supposed to have a luminous finish – it seems to be intended as a dupe of the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. From the Walgreens website product description,

Feel shiny within, not without! Revolutionary light-reflecting powder contains porous silica beads, which absorb oil and minimize shine. Lightweight powder feels weightless on the skin without adding color, and sets with a luminous, soft-focus finish.

In fact, in addition to the description, this powder seems to have a lot in common with the NARS (which I do not own).  Both are fairly hard-textured pressed powders with some sparkle that are intended to mattify with a soft-focus finish. Both go on – or at least are intended to go on – translucent, though I’ve read that others noticed a white cast with the Wet n Wild (I did not). Both powders come with a similar velvety feeling sponge. Continue reading

Physician’s Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Rollerball Concealer Quick Review & Swatches

Purchased – Affiliate Links PF Spotless concealer I’ve been wanting to try a rollerball-type concealer for a while now, but given that I have plenty of concealer and minimal undereye circles, I couldn’t justify the $10+ price tag on most of the popular ones. The concealer I’m reviewing today (awkwardly named the Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth Boosting Spotless Concealer SPF 15) actually retails for around $13, but between a 40% off sale and a $3 off coupon, I managed to snag it for a bit under $5.

Continue reading