Swatch of the Day: L’oreal Purple Priority Infallible Eyeshadow

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Loreal Purple Priority

I don’t have a lot of time to blog today, so here’s a quick swatch of one of the new L’oreal Butterfly Collection Infallible shades, which are permanent ($7.99 at or, Purple Priority.  I love the Infallible formula, but only two shades in the collection interested me – this one and Gilded Envy, swatched here.

Loreal Purple Priority swatch

Photographed with flash

Loreal Purple Priority swatch-2

Photographed with flash & blur to show texture / sparkle

This is a lovely shade and great quality – if you’re looking for a purple eyeshadow, I recommend it.

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  • Hey Emi, OH WOW LOOK AT THIS! It’s really pretty! I wish the formula would last better on me, but even on top of a primer it fades. I’ve never used it wet though. Maybe if I do, it won’t have that fading problem.

    • Oh, that’s too bad about the lasting – these last beautifully on me with or without primer. I’d definitely try it damp (or even dampened with something like Fix+) before giving up on the formula!

  • Liz

    This is gorgeous! I was going to stop collecting Infallibles but I don’t have any sparkly violets… Thanks for the swatch!

  • OH MY DAYS :O This is stunning! I’m just glad Infallibles infallibly fail (hurr hurr) on me because it looks even prettier than Diapason.