NYX Cream Shadow Swatches

Purchased – No Affiliate LinksNYX Cream Shadow - Chocolate - Deep Purple

I recently started a new full time job, and I’m trying to figure out to manage to find time to blog – and also to find daylight hours to photograph swatches! In the meantime, I’m going through my drafts folder, and I found these photos of two NYX cream eyeshadow I bought.

I don’t really have a review – they creased, I returned them – but I thought I might as well post the swatches! Enjoy.

nyx cream shadow applicator

NYX Cream Shadow Applicator

nyx chocolate cream shadow swatch

NYX Chocolate: dab of shadow, heavy swatch, blended swatches

nyx deep purple cream shadow swatch

NYX Deep Purple: dab of shadow, heavy swatch, blended swatches

I don’t really remember the difference between the two blended swatches – I think the left one is just blended, and on the right I tried to blend then apply more to make it more opaque.

Obviously, I don’t recommend these.

  • Icequeen81

    love the shades but the first one is more a foreshadow shade for a gold smokey, but the purple one is a kind a of a lip gloss one that you can layer light brown lipstick