Hard Candy Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

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Hard Candy Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette

A little while back, I purchased Hard Candy’s Top Ten Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Green With Envy. The Top Ten palettes come in five different shades – Feelin’ Blue (blues), Green With Envy (greens), Naturally Gorgeous (neutrals), Pinking of You (pinks), and Smoke Out (smoky with purples).

Hard Candy Green With Envy Palette

As you can see, the palettes are packaged so that you can see the upper part of the eyeshadows and with color-coordinating fabric with black lace over the lower part of the eyeshadows. The lace isn’t really my style, but I do really like that the design incorporates both a clear portion that allows you to see the eyeshadows and a mirror – the best of both worlds!

The shades range from a pale pink to a variety of greens to some browns. They are not individually named.

Hard Candy Green With Envy Palette

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Hard Candy Green With Envy Swatches

click to enlarge (photographed with flash)

And more swatches!

Hard Candy Green With Envy Swatches

photographed in natural light

Hard Candy Green With Envy Swatches

photographed in natural light

As you can see, all ten shades are smooth and pigmented.  As always, they are swatched with a sponge tip applicator over bare skin – no primer.  A couple of the shades do have some chunky glitter, which I dislike in eyeshadow, but if you tap your brush, almost all of it will fall off and you won’t need to deal with it.

I did have some fallout during application when I wore these eyeshadows, but I cleaned up and didn’t notice more during the day. Over primer, the eyeshadow lasted all day.

Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Palettes sell for $6 and are available exclusively at Walmart stores and Walmart.com.  $6 for 10 good quality eyeshadows is a really great deal – I would definitely recommend this palette!

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  • Oh my God this palette blows my mind!!! Love the shades and the pigmentation! For 6 bucks too?? Too dang amazing! Thanks for the swatches, Emi!

  • waymire

    Unfortunately this is the best palette of the collection..”smoke out” is pretty good as well… the others are much lower performance/quality. A similar concept with better quality overall are the Jessie’s Girl 9pan palettes which you can find at select Rite Aid’s or online.

  • Amalia J

    Those swatches look amazing!

  • Wow, such beautiful, pigmented shades! Looks like a totally lovely palette. Thanks for the review! Will definitely be checking this out when it reaches Wal-Mart here in Toronto 😉

  • Kadie Lee

    I’m pleasantly surprised! Wow! I may have to partake!