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Hard Candy Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

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Hard Candy Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette

A little while back, I purchased Hard Candy’s Top Ten Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Green With Envy. The Top Ten palettes come in five different shades – Feelin’ Blue (blues), Green With Envy (greens), Naturally Gorgeous (neutrals), Pinking of You (pinks), and Smoke Out (smoky with purples).

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Flower Time Willow Tell Color Play Creme Eyeshadow: Review & Swatches

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Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

I recently purchased two items from the Walmart-exclusive Flower by Drew Barrymore makeup line (available online and in some stores), and I’ll be reviewing both for you today.  First up – Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Time Willow Tell, which retails for $8.

First: Packaging. Part of the premise behind Flower Makeup is that it is prestige-quality makeup in high quality, more luxurious packaging for an inexpensive price.  As with any makeup line, the quality of the items vary, but packaging wise, I personally think they completely missed their goal. To me, the packaging looks and feels extremely cheap and tacky – white plastic? Really? It is reasonably functional and sturdy, but not only is it not luxe, it’s some of the least attractive drugstore packaging I’ve ever seen.  Additionally, they neglected to label the plastic with the shade names of the products; only the peel-off labels (which seal the products closed) have shade names.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

Texture-wise, this is a really interesting product.  I first read about it on Nouveau Cheap, and I was intrigued by G.’s detailed review – a whipped mouse that never dried down, but didn’t crease, even on her oily skin?   I suggest reading her review, as she had a totally different experience with this product than I did (it creased for me; more on this later).  I do agree with her about the texture in the pot; it’s sort of cool-whip-esque, and totally different from any other eyeshadow I have tried.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

Time Willow Tell is a very sparkly icy sage green.  In the swatches below, I’ve applied it two ways; the left swatch is a single thin, blended layer, and the right swatch is multiple layers.  As you can see, one layer gives a lot of sparkle and very little color; multiple layers give a little color, but it’s still quite sheer. I found that it was not possible to build it to an opaque color.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow Swatch

Natural light: one layer, multiple layers

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

With flash: one layer, multiple layers

I tried wearing this on my eyes several ways.  As an extremely sheer wash of sparkle only it works well enough and doesn’t crease – there really isn’t enough product there to crease.  Layered about as heavily as in the second swatch – which is really quite sheer and not very heavily layered at all – it creases very badly within a few hours on me, either alone or over primer.  If worn the same way but set with face powder or eyeshadow (I chose a sheer shade, but I imagine layering on an opaque eyeshadow would work as well), it works for me and does not crease. It has a little fallout throughout the day, due to the sparkle.

Overall, I found this product mildly disappointing.  I was hoping that I would be able to get a richer, more opaque color out of it; instead, it’s quite sheer.  I don’t really mind using a primer and setting it with powder, though of course I would prefer it if I could use it alone.  I won’t be purchasing any more of these shadows, and I don’t recommend them.

*As noted in this review, I purchased the featured product. This post contains an affiliate link. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold Pressed Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

A little while ago – when I purchased all of these loose Fyrinnae shades – I also purchased Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, which is only available in pressed form.

For a comparison of Fyrinnae’s loose and pressed eyeshadows and a review of the pressed formula, please see this post, which compares swatches of same shade in loose and pressed form over different primers.

Today’s post is photographs & swatches of Aztec Gold:

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold - pressed

Fyrinnze Aztec Gold - swatches

no primer / over primer

As regular readers know, I usually swatch without primer, but this shade performs so much better with primer that I swatched it both with & without. I used my everyday primer, NYX HD.

I don’t have any similar shades – Inglot 433 (swatched) looks similar in the pan, but completely different when swatched.  Nothing else comes close!

If this is a shade that appeals to you (I love it myself) I would definitely recommend it – the quality is great, and the color is unique.  I just wish you could buy the pan only instead of the whole eyeshadow pot!

Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow, as well as other Fyrinnae products, can only be purchased online.

Addiction Revenge, Flash Back, Sandbar, Safari Mode, Concrete Jungle Review & Swatches

My Addiction palette - one blush & four eyeshadows in Compact Case II

My Addiction palette – one blush & four eyeshadows in Compact Case II

I started this week off as Japanese Makeup Week, then got distracted, but now we’re back (and with a very long post). Today I have a review of one blush and four eyeshadows from the brand Addiction, which is exclusively available in Japan (sorry!).  You can actually buy it online worldwide on Ichibankao, but it’s marked up about 50%.  The best way to get it outside of Japan, and the way I got it, was to have a Japanese friend purchase it and mail it to me.

I really like the Addiction blush / eyeshadow packaging system – the blushes are exactly twice as big as the eyeshadows, and everything is easy to depot.  The packaging the products come in is actually quite nice – it looks like the palettes, but is flimsier.  The Compact Case I (which fits four eyeshadows) and Compact Case II (which fits six eyeshadows) are really gorgeous – the aesthetic is just my style, though do note that it holds fingerprints quite terribly. The lovely Kate of Drivel About Frivol has a better explanation with great photos here.

My Addiction purchases - boxed

My Addiction purchases – boxed

Addiction Revenge, Flash Back, Sandbar, Safari Mode, Concrete Jungle

Left – Revenge; Upper middle – Flash Back; Lower Middle – Sandbar;
Upper right – Safari Mode; Lower right – Concrete Jungle

I purchased six items; Revenge blush, Flash Back, Sandbar, Safari Mode, and Concrete Jungle eyeshadows, and the Compact Case II to hold everything.  Revenge is a matte pink-based red.  Flash Back is a metallic taupe.  Sandbar is hard for me to describe – it is sort of peachy in a heavy swatch, but a wash of shimmer on the lid.  Safari Mode is a khaki green satin.  Concrete Jungle is a purple-based grey  with a satin finish.  I have some shades that are similar to Revenge, Flash Back, and Sandbar, but the latter two shades are unique to my stash.

On to the swatches! First, I swatched the eyeshadows without primer, as is my standard practice – but I was slightly disappointed by the pigmentation level. It’s good – but not exceptional. And I’ve heard that Addiction makeup is exceptional.

Addiction swatches - Sandbar, Safari Mode, Concrete Jungle, Flash Back

No Primer: Sandbar // Safari Mode // Concrete Jungle // Flash Back

So, I also swatched them over primer. And, over primer, they look fantastic – complex, pigmented, and beautiful.  Apologies for swatching in a different order!

Addiction swatches - Flash Back , Sandbar, Safari Mode, Concrete Jungle,

Over NYX HD Primer: Flash Back // Sandbar // Safari Mode // Concrete Jungle

Here is Safari Mode on the eye.  I’m not wearing primer, but I’m wearing MAC Soft Ochre paint pot as a base. I’m wearing Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Daring Green on my upper lash line & Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Intense Olive on my lower lash line. I don’t remember what mascara I’m wearing.  As you can see, Safari Mode is fairly subtle – more akin to the first, no primer swatch.  However, I didn’t try to pack it on – I’m sure I could have coaxed more intensity out of it if I had wanted to.

And, as requested, here’s a comparison of Addition Safari Mode and Inglot 419P – as you can see, they are quite similar in color, but the finish so different that they don’t really appear very much alike. The Inglot is highly pearlized, almost metallic, while the Addiction has more of a satin finish. This picture is a touch too yellow, as you can see from my skin, but still useful as a comparison.

left: Inglot 419P // right: Addiction Safari Mode

left: Inglot 419P // right: Addiction Safari Mode

On to the blush – Revenge has a very soft, smooth, and slightly dry texture.  It is not powdery, and the dryness doesn’t interfere with the use of the blush – it doesn’t appear dry on the skin; it’s just not a particularly buttery powder.  It’s very blendable – the reason the swatch doesn’t look particularly well blended is that I used a sponge tip applicator rather than a brush 🙂

Addiction Revenge swatch

Addiction Revenge

Here is a full-face swatch where I am wearing Revenge – I find it very flattering! My lips are Tarina Tarantinto Prong (review), and my eyes have several eyeshadows layered, but the main shade is Fyrinnae Shenanigans, used damp.

Both Revenge blush and the two eyeshadows I’ve tried, Safari Mode and Concrete Jungle, lasted all day.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchases. I don’t see Addiction becoming one of my go-to brands, both because it’s so hard to access and because I prefer a more buttery eyeshadow formula (vs. Addiction’s slightly dryer formula), but I do absolutely love all the colors I picked out!