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Cheap Thrills: Holiday Profusion Palettes at Walgreens

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Walgreens Profusion holiday palettes

You can’t really see the packaging here, but they have a clear lid – very basic. And as you can see, I used them before photographing, hope you don’t mind!

Lately, I’ve been trying to purchase less and downsize, but when G. over at Nouveau Cheap mentioned that the Walgreens holiday Profusion 5-pan palettes – which sell for $1 each! – are good quality, I thought I’d give one a try. I initially purchased the purples palette, and was so surprised/happy by the quality that I bought the greens as well.

Also – I posted these swatches on my Instagram a few days ago, and I’ve been using Instagram lately for “spotted at the drugstore” posts as well – please follow me there if you are interested in that type of post! Or cat pictures.

I used a finger to swatch and did not use primer.

Profusion Walgreens - purples palette

Profusion purples palette – no primer

From left to right:

1. Basic white shimmer; good quality, but nothing special.
2. Iridescent grey/purple – this is by far my favorite shade. It’s somewhat sheer, but I think it works very well with the color. It’s also gorgeous over a black base.
3. Eggplant/maroon with a low-shimmer finish. Very pretty, but hard to wear without looking bruised. This one is slightly sheer.
4. Blurple that leans blue – again a very pretty low-shimmer finish. Pigmentation isn’t great, but it’s workable
5. Satin-finish black – it’s fine, but I have better blacks.

Overall, I’d say that four of the shades are skippable, but that second shade is great, and I’d pay more than $1 for it alone.

Profusion Walgreens - greens palette

Profusion greens palette – no primer

Again from left to right:

1. Peachy shimmer – good pigmentation, lovely shade.
2. Bronzey shimmer – this shade has incredible pigmentation, it looked just like this after one swipe (though I did two for no particular reason). And it’s a gorgeous color, too!
3. Lime green, poor pigmentation – the swatch is three swipes.
4. Blackened green with a low shimmer finish – great color, but I have other blackened greens I prefer.
5. Satin finish black, same as the purples palette.

Of the greens, I love the first two shades (which again make such a cheap palette worth it for me), and the latter three are skippable. I might try to depot the shades I like and toss the rest, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the the risk, as I often harm shadows when depotting! I’m just not patient enough, I think.

Here’s that second shade applied as a wash, blended out with Burberry Trench:

Walgreens Profusion applied

I believe these are exclusive to Walgreens, and only available in-store – sorry international folk & those without a Walgreens nearby! If you do have access to Walgreens, will you be looking for these palettes?