New Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes: Swatches & Quick Review

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Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes

G. over at Nouveau Cheap posted a few days ago about some new and permanent Wet n Wild items that are starting to show up in stores. I found two of the items, the 5-pan palettes & balm stains (which appear to be similar to the Revlon and Jordana ones) at CVS, and decided to purchase all of the palettes and three of the balm stains. This evening, I have swatches of all the palettes as well as some initial thoughts.

Wet n Wild 5-Pan Palettes

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This post is fairly image heavy – more after the jump!

In terms of packaging, these are in a typical plastic Wet n Wild compact. They’re the same size as the discontinued 6-pans, as you can see here:

Wet n Wild palette size comparison

First up – the odd one out, Art in the Street, which is all matte. Note that all swatches were done with a sponge-tip application and no base or primer.

WnW Art in the Street

Art in the Street

Wet n Wild Art in the Streets swatches

Art in the Street

The purple and yellow shades have poor pigmentation; the orange has very good pigmentation, and the green and blue are somewhere in the middle. All shades are a touch powdery, but nothing too bad.

The other four palettes all have the same layout and roughly the same quality. The top shade is matte, and labeled as a base. It is good quality in all the palettes. Going clockwise, the right / eyelid shade is a good quality shimmer.  The bottom / crease shade is very sparkly, but the sparkle doesn’t adhere at all (though probably would with a sticky base). The browbone / left shade is another shimmer, but less less pigmented than the eyelid shade – and not something I would choose for the browbone. The center definer shade is another matte, and not as smooth as the base shade.

WnW Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Wet n Wild Tunnel Vision swatches

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision follows the pattern; the base and eyelid have good pigmentation and are smooth, though not silky, and the browbone and definer are mediocre. The sparkling crease shade is fairly sheer and the glitter doesn’t adhere.

WnW Floral Values

Floral Values

Wet n Wild Floral Values swatches

Floral Values

The browbone shade in Floral Values barely showed up for me.  The other shades are all decent, with again the base and lid being the best quality. I do love the color of the definer shade!

WnW I'm His Breezy

I’m His Breezy

Wet n Wild I'm His Breezy swatches

I’m His Breezy

Aside from a terrible name, I’m His Breezy is probably the worst quality of the five; great colors, but very sheer. Note that the base shade isn’t white – it’s pale blue-grey; you can clearly see the difference between it and the white in Tunnel Vision in the first two pictures in this post.

Since this was the poorest performing palette, I swatched this one over primer (I used Wet n Wild’s Fergie primer) to see how it would look. It’s much better, but still not great.

Wet n Wild I'm His Breezey over primer

I’m His Breezy – over primer

I also compared the crease shade four ways, since it’s such a gorgeous color but has poor pigmentation. Starting from the upper left and going clockwise, we have no primer // over Fergie primer // over Milani Shadow Eyez Black Ink // over NYX Milk. I think it looks great over both the white and black bases; it would work well as liner over either.

Wet n Wild over primers

And back to the final 5-pan, The Naked Truth:

WnW The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Wet n Wild The Naked Truth swatches

The Naked Truth

The browbone shade in The Naked Truth was extremely sheer and barely showed up on me. The eyelid shade was also on the dry side, but I am willing to work with it because it’s a great color and texture – a satin-finish greyed taupe.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of the balm stains – I’ll try to post swatches tomorrow. The center one has a seam from molding – it’s not a hair.

Wet n Wild balm stains

Red-dy or Not // Rico Mauve // Lady and the Vamp

See anything you like?