Revlon Super Lustrous Color & Shine Lipstick Swatches & Quick Review

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Revlon Super Lustrous Color & Shine Lipstick

Plum Velour // Berry Couture // Fuchsia Shock // Lovers Coral // Honey Bare // Terra Copper

Earlier, I posted about the new Revlon display I found with Color & Shine Super Lustrous Lipsticks – a new formula.  I said I had purchased three of the lipsticks; but I liked them so much that after swatching, I went back and bought three more! (Revlon is 40% off at Rite Aid this week, which helps.)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Color & Shine Swatches

Plum Velour // Berry Couture // Fuchsia Shock // Lovers Coral // Honey Bare // Terra Copper
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All six of the lipsticks I purchased are slightly translucent, but pigmented enough to show up easily.  They are slightly slick (but don’t feel overly slippery) and have a moderately glossy finish.

Revlon Plum Velour Swatch

Plum Velour

Plum Velour is my favorite; a purple toned berry. It’s not the same as Dior Addict Extreme in Black Tie, but it’s quite similar.

Revlon Berry Couture Swatch

Berry Couture

Berry Couture is a medium purple that transforms into a more berry shade on my lips; I like it, but it makes my teeth look SO yellow.

Revlon Fuchsia Shock Swatch

Fuchsia Shock

Fuchsia Shock is a clear, bright pink.  Because it’s sheer, it’s a great way to ease in to wearing a bright color.

Revlon Lovers Coral Swatch

Lovers Coral

Lovers [sic] Coral is, well, Coral. This one was a bit more sheer than the others.

Revlon Honey Bare Swatch

Honey Bare

Honey Bare is a nude – it’s very wearable since it’s sheer and not too pale.

Revlon Terra Copper Swatch

Terra Copper

Terra Copper has a very fine shimmer (the others are all shimmer-free). It’s brown on my arm, but has a hint of red on my lips; still definitely out of my comfort zone! I purchased it hoping it would be more reddish-brown.  I don’t see myself wearing this shade alone, but I do really like it layered with a sheer red.

Overall, I am really enjoying these lipsticks. The texture and pigmentation level is great, and just what I have been looking for these days.  If you’re looking for a sheer, but pigmented, lipstick at the drugstore, I’d definitely recommend these.

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  • Haley

    These are so pretty! How much were they with the 40% off this week at Rite Aid?

    • They were $7.99 full price, so $4.79 (plus tax) at 40% off! Rite Aid has the best prices in my area.

  • Omg, I love your picks! Fuchsia Shock is such a perfect pink! I love the sheerness and the amount of shine too, WANT! ^^

  • Thanks for the swatches! I wish the coral shade was stronger, but I’m surprised by Fuschia Shock. It’s a very pretty bright pink color. ^^

    • Lumi

      I actually picked up the coral shade recently and I loveeee it! It’s not that sheer on me. It’s lightweight, but buildable. Perfect coral shade. Not too orange.

  • These look really pretty! I’m surprised at how light they are compared to what I was expecting!

  • Josie

    How moisturizing (or not?) did you find this new formulation to be? thanks for the swatches! 🙂

  • Pamela

    Got the rich girl red or whatever it was and it feels real nice. I like the sheerness of it. Need to pick up a few more of these!

  • Carolyn Foot

    When I first saw it I immediately recognised it as a pun of ‘lovers’ quarrel’. It seemed pretty obvious to me. Then again, I played a lot of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘why’ boardgame as a kid, and ‘lovers’ quarrel’ was a frequent murder motive in the game. *shrugs*

    • Yep, it’s clearly a pun on that – the issue (for me at least!) is that they aren’t using an apostrophe, which bugs me!

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