Dior Black Tie Addict Extreme Lipstick Review & Swatches

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Dior Black Tie Addict Extreme

I used to only wear opaque lipsticks, and mostly mattes at that. I’ve gradually grown to love sheer lipsticks too, but I still prefer sheer lipsticks with a noticeable amount of pigment.  I love the juicy, translucent finish of a good sheer lipstick, but I don’t want it to verge on transparent.  Dior’s Addict Lipsticks never appealed to me, because they are just too close to clear for my tastes (especially for the price). But the Addict Extremes? I’ve been interested in them since they were released, and I finally decided to purchase one (and now I seem to have acquired another – but that’s for another post).

Black Tie is just my kind of color – a deep, purple-toned berry. It has good pigmentation in one swipe, and is buildable have even more color. It stays relatively true to swatch on my lips.

Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie Swatch

Black Tie: one swipe, multiple swipes

Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie Swatch-2

Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie

My lips have been on the dry side lately, and I’m especially loving the Addict Extremes for days when my lips just aren’t up to a regular lipstick. The Addict Extreme formula is very smooth and moisturizing – my lips were in quite bad shape in the swatch photo, and though they don’t look perfect up close, they actually look and feel better with Black Tie on than without it.

I’ve worn Black Tie many times now – probably ten or more, as it was one of the items I packed when I was out of town a couple weeks ago – but I can’t give an exact wear time; I’ve never managed to notice exactly when it wears off (sorry!) – I think it’s about 3-4 hours, depending on snacks.  It definitely lasts better than most sheer lipsticks, and does leave a stain after the glossiness wears off.

Overall, I love it – great formula and a great color. Recommended!

Availability: Nordstrom, Sephora


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  • That color is gorgeous! I’d be interested in dupes for it though, Dior is expensive for me.

    • I am planning a purple/ berry swatch & comparison post – I actually took photos for it, but need to redo them because a) the quality is not good enough and b) I bought a couple more purple and berry lipsticks!

      I did actually try to dupe this from my stash before buying. The closest I got was layering Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Cabernet & NYC Sheer Red, then sheering it out with my finger – this is very, very close, just more effort and a different texture than the Dior. Total cost would be about $4, I think!

  • PERFECT shade on you! I remember really wanting this one when it first came out. It’s a just a bit too pigmented for my taste though. If Black Tie came in the original Addict formula, I would check it out.

  • Yaaay this shade is so Emi, and I’m glad you’re happy with the formula! It actually wears really well for such a lightweight formula, and I like the stain. I find that I can build on the stain so the color becomes more intense as the day goes by. Can’t wait to see what the other one you have is!

  • I love this one on you! It’s such a pretty berry shade! I have it too and I love it for autumn and winter, such a great colour and it wears very well too ^^.

  • That color looks gorgeous on you!

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