Revlon By Marchesa Pink Cognito Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick

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Revlon - Marchesa - Super Lustrous Lipstick-2

Revlon has done a few collaborations with Marchesa over the past few months. In Fall 2013, they released a limited edition collection of nail appliques. They’re no longer available (unless you find them in a less-trafficked drugstore), but you can see all the designs on the Revlon website here.

Next, they released a collection of Marchesa – patterned beauty tools – a compact mirror, nail implements and files, brushes, and tweezers. The Revlon website says that these are limited edition, but at the moment some items are available to purchase on and  I’ve also seen them around at a couple CVS stores.

Most recently, Revlon by Marchesa released a collection of makeup. However, all the items in the collection  are permanent Revlon items – only the packaging is different. I believe this collection is also limited edition. Here’s the display:

photo 1

The three available lipsticks are Love That Red, Pink Cognito (this is the only one in the Shine formula), and Black Cherry (reviewed here).

And another shot of the packaging, because pretty.

Revlon - Marchesa - Super Lustrous Lipstick

I actually own several of the items in this display, but I succombed to the packaging and bought one of the lipsticks I don’t have, Revlon Super Lustrous Shine lipstick in Pink Cognito. I previously reviewed several shades in the Super Lustrous Shine line and liked them. Pink Cognito appears to be a pinky-brown-nude; the kind of color I frequently wear to work.  However, it turned out to be a bit too light for my tastes and it settles into lip lines in a way that none of the other shades in the line did for me.

Revlon Pink Cognito Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick Swatch

It looks better from a distance – you don’t see the settling as much – but it’s still too pale and milky for my tastes.  Note that it has shimmer, which is slightly more visible in person than in the photos.


Revlon Pink Cognito Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick Swatch-2

Have you seen the various Revlon by Marchesa collections, and have you bought anything? Are you planning to?

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  • I bought a bunch of the beauty tools (mirror, tweezers, nail files) I love the packaging!

  • Fay. H.

    oooh my goooosh! I will totally buy it becuz of the packaging as well!

  • Harlowrose

    Revlon used to have the best designs on their lipsticks (1930’s-1960’s), and this reminds me of that. I’d pay a little extra if they changed all of their lipsticks to look the same.

  • shannon

    Your skin is looking so amazing!

  • Robin

    Jeez Emi I would have thought by looking at the tube it would be way more pigmented! Great packaging though!