Reviews Revisited: Volume II

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reviews revisited -2

It’s time for Volume II of Reviews Revisited.  Today (as suggested by the lovely Driveller Kate), I’m going to talk about some products that I’ve changed my mind about since my initial review.

burberry eyeshadow

Let’s start with Burberry Pale Barley & Burberry Midnight eyeshadows ($29 each at Nordstrom; Pale Barley not currently available), which I’ve changed my mind about twice! Here are my original reviews; I initially adored both. Then I fell out of love, decided they were too subtle, and sold both. Now, I miss them – I wear subtle neutrals to work every day, and wish I still had them.

I purchased Burberry Trench at the same time, and have consistently loved it and used it – check out the pan!

Burberry Trench pan

Do I still love it? & How often do I use it? See above.
Would I recommend it, given the quality and price? Yes, but only if you’ll use them frequently.

Burberry Trench Pale Barley Midnight Brown

Burberry Trench // Pale Barley // Midnight Brown

Another item that I fell out of love with after the first flush of NEW! is Tarina Tarantino’s Dollskin Cheek Palette (original review – currently available for $45 at It is good quality, but not as pigmented as I prefer and while I like the shades, I don’t love them.

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Blush Palette

Do I still love it? No, though I do like it.
How often do I use it? Pretty much never.
Would I recommend it, given the quality and price? Only for people who are paler than I am.

While the above are by no means the only items I’ve fallen out of love with, let’s move on to items I initially disliked (or felt meh about) and currently use and love.  However, I went through my negative reviews category, and I still don’t like any of the items in it. So, I’m going to cheat on this one (since I haven’t reviewed it yet) and talk about Milani’s brow pen in Dark Brown ($6 at When I first swatched it, I realized it was far too warm to work for my brows. However, I’ve now repurposed it as a (very) subtle eyeliner, and I now love it along my lower lashline to add just a little definition. Note that I have no idea if it’s eye-safe, but it hasn’t bothered my eyes.

milani brow tint pen

I forgot to photograph it; here, have a stock photo.

Milani Browlash Brow Pen Swatches - comparison

Left: Milani Dark Brown brow pen // Right: Browlash Greyish Brown brow pen // Bottom: Maybelline Deep Brown Master Shape brow pencil

The Browlash pen (reviewed here & still a favorite – I’m on my second!) looks very greenish-grey in comparison, but works perfectly on my brows.  The Milani is way too warm to work on my brows – note that it’s impossible to draw super fine lines, though that doesn’t bother me.  I also swatched the Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in Deep Brown, which is much cooler than the Milani but doesn’t have any green in it.

Milani swatch

Milani brow pen used for lower lashline definition; visible, but very subtle!

Do I still hate it? I hate it as a brow pen, but I love it as an eyeliner!
How often do I use it? A few times a week
Would I recommend it, given the quality and price? Absolutely.

What products have you recently changed your mind about?

  • Bellyhead

    I love love this series! I wonder if I need Trench. I need a blending shade a bit closer to my skintone than the two RBRs I’m using. 🙂 Thanks for rekindling my love for their eye shadows.

    • Glad you are enjoying it! Trench is a fantastic blending shade for me, the finish/texture/color are just exactly right. I think you’d like it.

  • Kate Driveller

    I ran (er, clicked) over as soon as I saw another post in this series! <3 Honoured to be mentioned, ma'am.

    I feel similarly about the Burberry neutrals I had, and Pale Barley has done the rounds TWICE in and out of my ownership. Banning myself from re/purchasing their eyeshadows forthwith.

    Love the idea of repurposing brow pens as liners — these days I often crave a barely-there ashy hint of definition set against delicate sparkly creams and it's easy to go overboard with even a cream shadow stick on a tiny brush.

    • It was an excellent idea 🙂

      It’s interesting that a lot of people seem to have mixed feelings about wearing the Burberry shadows; perhaps it’s because they swatch so gorgeously, but are less exciting on the lid.

  • I’m glad they’re working for you to some extent! Nars Snake Eyes is on my wishlist actually, it’s so pretty! 🙂

    • JaguayanFlawer

      It is!!! I find it’s the one “must have” item in that Nars range, and helps to make products that in a moment seem a bit “boring” into something interesting 🙂

  • Gaelle

    Such a great post. The real test is whether a new product passes the novelty period !

  • This series is such a good idea!! I have quite a few products I’ve fallen out of love with over time. Burberry Trench is such an amazing shade!