Revlon Blush on Clearance – Quick Swatches

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Revlon Clearance blush

There are currently clearance sales going on at all three major drugstore chains – CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Nouveau Cheap has links to more information about each sale here. I’ve been buying more than I probably should, and I thought I’d share some hits and some misses.  Today, I’m going to talk about Revlon’s cream blushes in Rosy Glow & Berry Flirtatious and their Photoready Sculpting Blush Palettes in Neutral & Peach.

Let’s start with the hits – the cream blushes are fantastic. Berry Flirtatious is significantly drier than Rosy Glow, but I like the texture of each of them.  I prefer the darker Berry Flirtatious on my skintone, but still enjoy Rosy Glow (and would especially recommend it for those with paler coloring).

Revlon Berry Flirtatious Rosy Glow Cream Blush Swatches

Berry Flirtatious // Rosy Glow

The Photoready Sculpting Blush Palettes, on the other hand, may be going into the trash soon. Each one includes a blush, a contour color, and a highlighter. The colors are pretty, but the pigmentation is abysmal – sheer can be good, but barely visible when heavily layered is not.

The following swatches are multiple swipes, and  I loaded up as much color as possible onto a fingertip for each swipe.

Revlon Peach Photoready Face Sculpting palette


Revlon Neutral Photoready Face Sculpting palette


For comparison purposes, here’s Neutral next to theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer. The Revlon swatches & the Mary Lou-Manizer swatches were done with the same technique but the Revlon ones are about three layers & the theBalm one is one layer.

Revlon comparison

To summarize:

Cream blushes: Possibly worth it at full price, definitely worth it for 75% off.

Photoready Face Palettes: Not even worth it if they were free.

  • Icequeen81

    I see the highlighter, …. is that a good or a bad thing? cause beside that one I only see berry, the others I can barely see him..

    • I agree, the blush palettes are super sheer and no good!

      • Icequeen81

        by coincidence I was looking at your swatches of showstopper ( ELF ) is a very pretty shade.

        • It really is, ELF sometimes has fantastic products. I bought two more of the hd cream blushes, i love them.

          • Icequeen81

            want to try that purple one. If I find it

  • Helena

    Thanks for posting–I may just look for Rosy Glow, your swatch is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Oh, I’ll try it as a lip color! thanks for the tip 🙂

    And you might want to stock up on Berry Flirtatious now, there’s a pretty good chance it will be discontinued since it’s on clearance.