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Reviews Revisited: Volume II

Purchased – Contains Affiliate Links

reviews revisited -2

It’s time for Volume II of Reviews Revisited.  Today (as suggested by the lovely Driveller Kate), I’m going to talk about some products that I’ve changed my mind about since my initial review.

burberry eyeshadow

Let’s start with Burberry Pale Barley & Burberry Midnight eyeshadows ($29 each at Nordstrom; Pale Barley not currently available), which I’ve changed my mind about twice! Here are my original reviews; I initially adored both. Then I fell out of love, decided they were too subtle, and sold both. Now, I miss them – I wear subtle neutrals to work every day, and wish I still had them.

I purchased Burberry Trench at the same time, and have consistently loved it and used it – check out the pan! Continue reading