Burberry Midnight Brown Sheer Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

Today, I have the third and final of my three Burberry eyeshadow reviews – this review is for Midnight Brown, which works really beautifully as a crease color for me.

As I wrote in my reviews of Trench and Pale Barley, Burberry eyeshadows are packaged in a square metal compact, which is embossed in the signature Burberry pattern. Although the compact is really lovely, I actually find it kind of impractical. It doesn’t open flat – it only opens to about 90 degrees.  Additionally, it’s magnetized (which is fine), but the polarity is such that the eyeshadow compacts don’t stack neatly – sometimes they stack, and sometimes they repel.   The compact contains a sponge-tipped applicator, which I find odd; who applies a luxury-brand eyeshadow with the enclosed applicator instead of a brush?

As you can see, Midnight Brown looks a bit glittery in the pan.  I was put off by this initially, but it turns out that when applied to the eye, the glitter basically disappears, and Midnight Brown is just a beautiful, multi-dimensional brown.  When I went to the Burberry counter, my intent was just to purchase Trench and Pale Barley, but the makeup artist / sales associate applied Trench all over my lid and browbone, then used Midnight Brown in the crease to contour my eye – it’s really perfect for that. After much thought over the state of my budget, I decided to get all three eyeshadows, and I’m very glad that I did.  When worn over primer, Burberry eyeshadows last all day without creasing for me.

The following swatches are on bare skin.

Trench, Pale Barley, Midnight Brown – indoor natural light

Trench, Pale Barley, Midnight Brown – outside direct sunlight

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