LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatches & Review

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LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatch

LA Girl Glissand

LA Girl hit it out of the park with their fabulous 3D Effect scattered holo collection (reviewed here),  so I was happy to accept when they offered to send me a polish for review from their newest collection, Sand Blast textured nail polish.  I have not spotted the Sand Blast collection at Rite Aid yet (and I’m waiting for word on when & whether it will arrive there), but the polishes are currently available for $5 each on LA Girl’s own website or $3 each on Cherryculture.

I have the shade Glissand, which is a shimmering coral.  It has a different finish from any other textured polish I’ve tried; OPI’s Liquid Sands and Zoya’s Pixiedust polishes have larger pieces of glitter, Milani’s textured creams and Nails, Inc.’s Leather Effect polishes have no shimmer or sparkle, but this one has shimmer.  The textured effect is on the fine-grained side, more like the Nails, Inc. effect than the Milani effect.

LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatch-2

LA Girl Glissand

Glissand was difficult to work with straight out of the bottle – it was too thick, and I had a lot of trouble getting even coats. I added a couple drops of thinner (just 3-4 drops), and the polish improved dramatically – it because much, much easier to work with.  I was then able to paint on even coats.  I found that the first coat dried quite quickly, and the second coat was dry to the touch after a few minutes, but took about an hour until it wasn’t easily dentable. Two coats are opaque enough for me – that’s what I have on in the swatches.

Glissand is pretty as a textured polish, but I think it may be even prettier with topcoat, because it just sparkles and shimmers in a beautiful way.  I didn’t manage to capture it in the sunlight, but I think the following photo gives some idea of how it looks glossy. This is with four coats of quick dry topcoat; I should have used Gelous or Nail Pattern Boldness’s Glitter Food to smooth it out and then topcoat instead.

LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatch -- with topcoat

Glissand // Glissand with topcoat

Overall, this is a lovely polish; it’s an affordable and very pretty take on the textured polish trend, and it’s also gorgeous when worn glossy. Just make sure you have some nail polish thinner around!

*Glissand Sand Blast polish was provided to me for review.   This post contains an affiliate link. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.