Shady Gray, Purple Streak

Milani Textured Cream Nail Polish Quick Swatches

milani textured cream nail polish swatches - grey - purple

Milani recently released six new limited edition textured nail polishes, which are currently available at Walgreens and at a few other retailers (but not CVS or Rite Aid). They’re also available on the Milani website.  I found a display at Walgreens this morning, and purchased two shades – Shady Gray and Purple Streak.

Milani Shady Gray, Purple Streak

Shady Gray, Purple Streak

I’m wearing both polishes now as a full manicure – on my left hand, I have my ring and thumbnail purple and the remaining fingers grey; I’ve done the opposite on my right hand.  I didn’t use a base coat, but I don’t see why you couldn’t – it wouldn’t interfere with the texture.  Of course, you can’t use a top coat.

milani textured cream polish swatch - 2

The textured polish is slighly sheer after one coat, and the textured effect doesn’t look quite right – it sort of looks like uneven grains of sand stuck in the polish.  After two coats, it’s completely opaque and the textured effect is evenly distributed over the nail.  Drying time was normal.  I don’t know about wear time yet, but I expect that these will wear well – both OPI’s Liquid Sand and Zoya’s Pixiedust textured polishes wear very well on me, longer than regular polish.