L’oreal Miss Candy Gellie Nail Polish Swatches & Display Pictures


L'oreal Miss Candy Gellie Nail Polish - Miss Pixie Berry Nice

As I mentioned, there are a lot of new drugstore collections out right now, and I found one of them today – L’oreal’s new Miss Candy Gellie nail polishes (display pictures at the end of the post). I purchased two of them, and I’ll definitely be going back for more – they’re even better than I had hoped!

L'oreal Gellie Nail Polish - Miss Pixie Berry Nice Swatches

Berry Nice // Miss Pixie
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In the above swatches, each color has one coat, two coats, three coats, and then four coats of color. As you can see, the polishes are quite sheer, but build to a really lovely, squishy, jelly finish.  Berry Nice is just a little bit streaky at one coat, but Miss Pixie is not streaky at all. Both dry to a very glossy finish.

I’m wearing Berry Nice on my nails right now; I had intended to swatch both, but I like Berry Nice so much that I don’t want to remove it! I am wearing four coats, and my nail line is just barely visible – only if I look carefully.  Four coats really are necessary though, I don’t like how this looks on me at three coats, as pictured below:

L'oreal Berry Nice Gellie Swatch - 2 coats

Berry Nice – 3 coats

The fourth coat really makes a difference:

L'oreal Berry Nice Gellie Swatch - 3 coats

Berry Nice – 4 coats

There are eight nail polish shades in the collection, as well as three nail lingerie nail strips, and I believe all of them are limited edition. Here’s the display:

L'oreal Miss Candy Gellie Nail Polish Display The colors are Jolly Lolly (red), Mango Mamma (orange), Bananarama Love (yellow), Creme de Mint (green), Lilac Coolers (light purple), Bubble Trouble (Pink), Berry Nice (deep purple), and Miss Pixie (blue).

See anything you’re interested in picking up?

*I purchased the product(s) featured in this post.   Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • Ooooh pretty! Dang–yet another nail polish collection I MUST check out (I’m also going for all of Essie’s gorgeous new Resort collection!)

  • Elizabeth Hall

    Thanks SO much for these swatches!! How would you say ‘Miss Pixie’ compares to shades like ‘Butler Please’, ‘Baker Street’, or ‘Endless Blue’?

    • It’s quite different; those shade are more vibrant and cremes, while Miss Pixie is a jelly and has a different look. Berry Nice reminds me of Verity Deep Violet to some degree, and the finishes are similar, but the colors are not the same.

  • Darla Kokopelli

    I ran o ut got the red and orange one , they are all amazing I want to get the other colors too..