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LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatches & Review

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LA Girl Glissand Sand Blast Swatch

LA Girl Glissand

LA Girl hit it out of the park with their fabulous 3D Effect scattered holo collection (reviewed here),  so I was happy to accept when they offered to send me a polish for review from their newest collection, Sand Blast textured nail polish.  I have not spotted the Sand Blast collection at Rite Aid yet (and I’m waiting for word on when & whether it will arrive there), but the polishes are currently available for $5 each on LA Girl’s own website or $3 each on Cherryculture.

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Spotted: New LA Girl Holo Nail Polishes – Display Photos & Swatches

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LA Girl 3D Effects Holographic Polish

Black Illusion // Sparkle Ruby // Purple Effect // Brilliant Blue // Teal Dimension

 I spotted an exciting new display earlier today at Rite Aid – LA Girl Holographic / 3D Effects nail polish. It seems that holo polish has now truly hit the mainstream!   The polishes were $4.80 at my Rite Aid; prices will vary by region, and you can purchase them online at Cherry Culture for $4 each.

Here’s the display – it was on the lowest shelf, so I couldn’t get a good angle to photograph the whole display in one photo:

LA Girl Holo Polish Display - 3D Effects

LA Girl Holo Polish Display - 3D Effects-2

Note that the display photo makes these look they might be linear holos – I was skeptical – these look to be scattered holos in the bottle.  The collection has eight shades; I purchased five, and have nail wheel swatches for you of those shades.  First, here are bottle shots of the other three – I think the color is still a little off in these (sorry!) – I couldn’t quite adjust it to be right.

LA Girl Holo Polish - 3D Silver

3D Silver

LA Girl Holo Polish -  Dazzling Pink

Dazzling Pink

LA Girl Holo Polish -  Electric Coral

Electric Coral

And the swatches of the five shades I have in some different lighting conditions:

LA Girl Holo Polish Black Illusion // Teal Dimension // Brilliant Blue // Purple Effect // Sparkle Ruby Swatches

Natural indirect light: Black Illusion // Teal Dimension // Brilliant Blue // Purple Effect // Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Holo Polish Swatches - 3D Effects-2

Flash: Black Illusion // Teal Dimension // Brilliant Blue // Purple Effect // Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Holo black teal blue purple ruby swatches

Direct Sun: Black Illusion // Teal Dimension // Brilliant Blue // Purple Effect // Sparkle Ruby

Clearly, these are scattered holos – and not particularly holographic at that.  Black Illusion and Purple Effect are the most holographic – you can really see the rainbow of color in both of them. Teal Dimension has a faint rainbow in some lights.  I can maybe see a hint of rainbow in Brilliant Blue, and I see no holo / rainbow effect in Sparkle Ruby at all.

That said – these are all gorgeous polishes, even the ones that aren’t holo.  I love the depth of the color; they’re basically holo jellies.  The quality is fantastic too – they were almost-but-not-quite wearable at one coat, and one coat of polish was very even – not even a hint of unevenness or streaks – they just needed the second coat to be fully opaque.  I’ve worn several of them now, and wear time is great – longer than average.

EDIT: I went back to buy the orange, Electric Coral – here’s a swatch, both in focus and blurred to show sparkle.

LA Girl Electric Coral Swatch

Electric Coral

I’ve also been layering the polishes; since they are jellies, they layer quite beautifully, bother over cremes and with each other.  Here are the teal, purple, and red over a black creme:

LA Girl Layered Holo Swatch

LA Girl Holos – layered over black

And here is the purple holo over the blue one and the teal holo over NYC Apple Fizz:

LA Girl Layered Holo Swatch-2

Purple over Blue, Teal over NYC Apple Fizz

So, overall, even though these range from not holo at all to weakly holo, I would absolutely recommend them as beautiful, high quality polishes, and I’m very happy to have purchased the five six I did!

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