Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish Quick Review & Swatches


Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Lick-o-rich

Today I have a quick review (and comparison) of Sally Hansen’s new, limited edition Sugar Coat textured nail polish line. I purchased just one shade from the line – Lick-o-rich, which is black.  The Sugar Coat polishes remind me of Milani’s Textured Creams; both the Sally Hansen and the Milani textured polishes are creme finishes with no shimmer or sparkle.

There are eight shades in the Sugar Coat lineup:

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

Razzleberry // Bubble Plum // Sweetie // Lick-o-rich // Sugar Fix // Sour Apple // Cotton Candies // Cherry Drop

Razzleberry is bright blue; Bubble Plum is pinky-purple (more purple than it appears here). Sweetie is bright yellow; Lick-o-rich is black and Sugar Fix is white. Sour Apple is mint green; Cotton Candies is pink, and Cherry Drop is red.

These polishes are very highly textured – much more textured than any other polish I have tried (Zoya Pixiedust, OPI Liquid Sand, Milani Textured Cream, LA Girl Sandblast, or Nails, Inc. Leather Finish).  Milani is the second most textured and Nails, Inc. the least textured.

Here’s a comparison of Nails, Inc. Leather Finish in Noho (reviewed here) & Sally Hansen Lick-o-rich, the two black textured polishes I own:

Nails Inc Leather Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Comparison Swatches

Nails, Inc Noho Leather Finish // Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Lick-o-rich

It’s clear from the photo how different the texture levels are! I personally prefer the Nails, Inc. slightly-textured finish – the Sally Hansen finish is just too rough for me – but opinions will of course, vary.

Overall, these are okay. There are some nice colors, and the price point is great, but they are just a bit too textured for me!

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  • Bailey_AlltheWords

    Humm… I think I’ll be passing on these. I had hoped they’d be glittery- more like the Zoya versions.

  • Textured polish just doesn’t seem to do it for me. The only one I’ve been remotely tempted by is the Zoya Pixi Dust ones. Those ones come in such pretty shades and really do look like sugary, delicate dust! There’s a grey one I’m just dying to have!

  • Traceylee

    I bought 6 of the Texture polishes from China Glaze, and I have mixed feelings about them. To me, they seem very rough, but after I put a cost of SV on, most of the sand-like grittiness disappears, and it ends up looking kinda weird. (I’m guessing these textured polishes are meant to be worn alone, with no top coat…. But I just can’t resist the fast drying time of SV, plus the high gloss shine!) I think I should have purchased just one of them, and not 6!
    Would you be able to do a swatch comparison with the China Glaze texture polish, against another texture?
    Thx, Tracey

    • Hi Tracey – at this point I don’t own any China Glaze Textured polishes, but I’ll be sure to do a comparison swatch if I end up picking one up!

  • bunny

    is this still available, if so where? in canada?