Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold Pressed Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

A little while ago – when I purchased all of these loose Fyrinnae shades – I also purchased Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, which is only available in pressed form.

For a comparison of Fyrinnae’s loose and pressed eyeshadows and a review of the pressed formula, please see this post, which compares swatches of same shade in loose and pressed form over different primers.

Today’s post is photographs & swatches of Aztec Gold:

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold - pressed

Fyrinnze Aztec Gold - swatches

no primer / over primer

As regular readers know, I usually swatch without primer, but this shade performs so much better with primer that I swatched it both with & without. I used my everyday primer, NYX HD.

I don’t have any similar shades – Inglot 433 (swatched) looks similar in the pan, but completely different when swatched.  Nothing else comes close!

If this is a shade that appeals to you (I love it myself) I would definitely recommend it – the quality is great, and the color is unique.  I just wish you could buy the pan only instead of the whole eyeshadow pot!

Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow, as well as other Fyrinnae products, can only be purchased online.

  • This is SO pretty! I love shades like this! I have been curious about Fyrinnae for a while bc I know you and Kate from Drivel about Frivol really like them. I do prefer my shadows pressed though so I’m glad they are making these now (unless they’ve been around for a while and I just didn’t know? :P). Must definitely check them out!

  • That is a gorgeous shade! I want to try their pressed shadows next time – loose ones are just not as easy to use!

  • memoiselle memoiselle

    The shade without primer is already darn good, and with primer it looks even better!

  • I can’t believe I have yet to make a purchase from Fyrinnae, this shade is so pretty! I don’t really know much about Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadows, but I think it looks just as pigmented as their loose ones, even without primer!

  • hh

    Is it similar at all to L’Oreal Infallible Gleaming Bronze?

  • waymire

    Their website is down. 🙁 Do you recall the price of the pressed shadows? I may check them out, I’m always looking for unique shades which can be few and far between in the mass market brands, yet I just don’t want to deal with the mess of loose shadows which all most of the independent brands offer.

    • I believe they were $8.50 – if that’s not the exact price, it’s pretty close!