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Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold Pressed Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae Aztec Goldd - Pressed

A little while ago – when I purchased all of these loose Fyrinnae shades – I also purchased Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, which is only available in pressed form.

For a comparison of Fyrinnae’s loose and pressed eyeshadows and a review of the pressed formula, please see this post, which compares swatches of same shade in loose and pressed form over different primers.

Today’s post is photographs & swatches of Aztec Gold:

Fyrinnae Aztec Gold - pressed

Fyrinnze Aztec Gold - swatches

no primer / over primer

As regular readers know, I usually swatch without primer, but this shade performs so much better with primer that I swatched it both with & without. I used my everyday primer, NYX HD.

I don’t have any similar shades – Inglot 433 (swatched) looks similar in the pan, but completely different when swatched.  Nothing else comes close!

If this is a shade that appeals to you (I love it myself) I would definitely recommend it – the quality is great, and the color is unique.  I just wish you could buy the pan only instead of the whole eyeshadow pot!

Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow, as well as other Fyrinnae products, can only be purchased online.

Fyrinnae Pressed Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Comparison to Loose Eyeshadow

Fyrinnae, a company known for their amazing loose eyeshadows (and Pixie Epoxie, a base for loose eyeshadows), has released a long-anticipated product – pressed eyeshadow! I happened to check the website the morning they went live, and they arrived today.

Fyrinnae currently has 15 shades of pressed eyeshadow, and I bought two – Rapunzel Had Extensions and Steampunk (from the color shifting Arcane Magic line).  I also bought mini sizes of both these colors of loose shadows in order to compare.

Overall, the pressed eyeshadow are really lovely – smooth, pigmented, blendable, and the same complex colors I have come to expect from Fyrinnae’s loose eyeshadows.  Steampunk pressed eyeshadow is quite true to the loose eyeshadow color, but Rapunzel Had Extensions has significant differences.

The loose eyeshadows perform best over a sticky base, like Fyrinnae’s own pixie epoxie.  However, pressed shadows usually don’t need a sticky base, so I wanted to see how the loose and pressed shadows would compare over various types of bases.  Thus, each photo is as follows.

Pressed (no base) / Loose (no base) / Pressed over eyeshadow primer / Loose over eyeshadow primer / Pressed over Pixie Epoxie / Loose over Pixie Epoxy.

I used NYX HD eyeshadow primer. I swiped the shadows in the no base swatches and over primer, but patted them on over pixie epoxy.

Here is Rapunzel Had Extensions in different lighting conditions:

Rapunzel Had Extensions - Pressed / Loose Comparison - swatches

Rapunzel Had Extensions – Pressed / Loose Comparison – flash

Rapunzel Had Extensions - Pressed / Loose Comparison - swatches

Rapunzel Had Extensions – Pressed / Loose Comparison – natural light

As you can see, the pressed shadow is much more gold/orange, and the loose shadow is pink with hints of gold.  The pressed shadow does okay with no base or pixie epoxy, and performs best over primer.   The loose shadow doesn’t work alone, does okay over primer, and performs best with pixie epoxy.

I also have a pan of Rapunzel Had Extensions that I pressed myself using this method.  Here’s a comparison of the pressed, loose, and home-pressed eyeshadows:

fyrinnae comparison swatches - pressed, loose, pressed at home

pressed, loose, pressed at home

As you can see, the pressed at home is much more true to the original loose eyeshadow’s color.

Here are swatches of Steampunk pressed and loose eyeshadow, in the same order as above (pressed then loose, no base, primer, then pixie epoxy):

Steampunk - Pressed / Loose Comparison - swatches

Steampunk – Pressed / Loose Comparison – natural light

Steampunk - Pressed / Loose Comparison - swatches

Steampunk – Pressed / Loose Comparison – flash

The pressed performs very well alone – look at that pigmentation! I think, however, that it’s best over primer.  It also works well over pixie epoxy, but there’s really no reason to bother.  The loose isn’t great alone, but works beautifully over primer or pixie epoxy.You can see that the color of the original loose and the pressed are extremely similar; a black that shifts to burgundy. It also shifts to an almost green at some angles, which I totally failed to capture.  The intensity and performance of the pressed and loose is somewhat different, but the color looks the same to me.

Overall, these are great eyeshadows. They are very pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend.  I definitely would recommend them, with the one caveat that they may not be completely identical to Fyrinnae’s loose shadows of the same name.