Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow: Part Two — Swatches

Fyrinnae Mystical Hedgehog, Immortality, Witchy Woodland Creatures

This is the second part of my two-part Fyrinnae photos & swatchfest – the swatches! Part One, the photos of the eyeshadows in the jar, is here.

I normally swatch eyeshadow without any primer or base, but I find that loose eyeshadows don’t show up very well on bare skin.  So, I’ve swatched these two different ways; the first set of swatches (on the left in each photo) is over NYX HD primer, and the second set (on the right in each photo) is over Fyrinnae’s own Pixie Epoxie.  I found that the color shows up nicely over just primer, but the glitter needs a sticky base, like Pixie Epoxie, to adhere.

I’ve left these photos larger than usual to better show the complexity of the shades – please do click to enlarge, these eyeshadows are really lovely up close!

Fyrinnae Mystical Hedgehog, Cuddlefish, Immortality

With flash: Mystical Hedgehog, Cuddlefish, Immortality

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Full sun: Mystical Hedgehog, Cuddlefish, Immortality

I’m terrible at describing this type of complex color, so I’ve borrowed Fyrinnae’s own descriptions.

Mystical Hedgehog: Appears as a vibrant, shimmering purple with a turquoise-green highlight at a distance, but changes to a warmer purple to pink at an angle or close to light.

Cuddlefish: A vibrant violet, loaded with varying hues of purple and blue-violet sparkle.

Immortality: A rainbow of sparkle in soft black

Fyrinnae Witchy Woodland Creatures, Shenanigans, Book of the Dead

With flash: Witchy Woodland Creatures, Shenanigans, Book of the Dead

Full sun: Witchy Woodland Creatures, Shenanigans, Book of the Dead

Witchy Woodland Creatures: Glimmering, multi-faceted cocoa taupe. Shades of copper and silver, with hints of pink, gold, and green shimmer on a neutral taupe-brown base make this shadow suitable for a wide range of skintones.

Shenanigans: A rainbow of sparkle fills rich, metallic gold over a dark base

Book of the Dead: A slightly aged gleaming, sparkling beige-gold, fit for Osiris himself (we could hope!), graced with flashes of sparkle in varying hues. Neutral tone, not yellow.

Fyrinnae Koala, Kurisumasu!, Moon Child, Nijiro

With flash: Koala, Kurisumasu!, Moon Child, Nijiro

Full sun: Koala, Kurisumasu!, Moon Child, Nijiro

Koala: A medium rosy taupe, this shade has a satin finish.

Kurisumasu!: Versatile satiny rosy beige shade with subtle flashes of sparkle. Great for a highlight or all-over basic shade that can suit many skintones.

Moon Child: Soft glimmering ivory shade with just the right amount of shimmer and sparkle and a touch of coppery highlight.

Nijiro: Ivory with rainbow sparkles.

Fyrinnae products can only be purchased online. Fyrinnae usually has quite a long turn around time stated on their website, but I’ve ordered from them three times now, and my order has always shipped within a week or so.