L’oreal Cosmic Black Infallible Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

L'oreal Cosmic Black Infallible Eyeshadow

L’oreal Cosmic Black Infallible Eyeshadow

I admit that featuring limited edition products from Australia may not be the kindest thing to do on an US-based beauty blog – but hey, I bought mine on Ebay, if you love it – there are more available! Shipping is expensive, but the seller combines shipping, and you can also buy Bronze Goddess, which is an exact dupe for  Gleaming Bronze, which was a US limited edition, and is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows (I bought a Bronze Goddess as a backup, and can confirm that it is identical).

I’m actually not completely sure where Cosmic Black was initially released – this amazing chart of all the Infallible eyeshadows has it in the UK / Other section – but I’ve only ever seen it on Ebay from an Australian seller. If you have more information, I will update the post.

There are so many reviews of the Infallible eyeshadows around at this point that I’m not going to talk about the packaging or consistency; I’m going to move straight to the color.  Cosmic Black is a blackened olive green with some sparkle – it’s similar to Gleaming Bronze, but darker and sparklier.  Below, I’ve swatched Gleaming Bronze and Cosmic Black side by side in three different lighting conditions.

Gleaming Bronze Cosmic Black Infallible swatches comparison

Gleaming Bronze on the left, Cosmic Black on the right in each photo
1. Natural light — 2. Flash — 3. Blurred with flash (to show sparkle)

Similar – but for me, a lover of olives and bronzes, different enough that I’m very glad to own both!

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