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Spotted: Wet n Wild Fergie Limited Edition Summer 2013 Collection

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Wet n Wild Fergie LE Spring 2013 Display

While at Walgreens this morning, I found a brand new endcap display with the Summer 2013 Limited Edition Wet n Wild Fergie collection.  I have photos of all the new/LE products. The mascara, gel liners, and shimmer palettes (which are swatched here) are all permanent.

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Wet n Wild Rereleased 2011 Ice Baby Collection — But They’re Not the Same: A Comparison


New WnW Ice Baby Fan Favorites Rerelease

Wet n Wild has a endcap display out at Walgreens called the Fan Favorites display. It’s mostly filled with permanent products, but at the bottom of the display, there’s something exciting: a re-release of 7 of the 8 polishes from the limited-edition 2011 Holiday Ice Baby Color Icon polishes.  However, upon closer inspection, I have disappointing news: several of the polishes are different from the original release, and instead are rebottled Fergie polishes.

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Wet n Wild New 2013 MegaLength & MegaVolume Mascara Review, Photos

wet n wild 2013 megavolume megalength mascara

Wet n Wild has recently released five new mascaras – Megavolume, Megalength, Megaprotein, Megaimpact, and Megaplump – all come in washable formulas, and I believe only Megalength and Megaplum come in waterproof formulas.  These are the same names as Wet n Wild’s previous mascaras, so I’m not sure if these new mascaras are new formulas, or just new packaging – but from photos, it does look like the wands of at least some of the mascaras have changed, which can make a big different to the performance!

wet n wild megavolume megalength mascaras

First, let’s take a look at the wands – Megalength has a silicone wand with very short bristles.  It’s sort of like Maybelline’s The Rocket mascara wand, but smaller.

Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara Wand

Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara Wand


The Megavolume mascara wand is very different. It’s a traditional-type mascara wand, and it’s quite large.  I had trouble applying this mascara – I got it all over my eyelid. I actually usually use a mascara guard to prevent that, but I don’t use one when I’m testing mascara since I know most people don’t.

Wet n Wild Megavolume Mascara Wand

Wet n Wild Megavolume Mascara Wand

And now, performance! Here is a before/ after of the Megalength mascara on my left eye..  It performed well. It’s supposed to lengthen, lift lashes, and be clump free, and it does all of those things.  It doesn’t give much volume, but it doesn’t claim that it will.

No Mascara // WnW Megalength Mascara

No Mascara // WnW Megalength Mascara

And here is a before / after of my right eye with the Megavolume mascara. Again, I had real difficultly applying this mascara – it didn’t seem to transfer from the brush to my lashes, and then it got all over my eyelid (you can see it along my lashline).  This one did clump some, which is typical of a more volumizing formula. I did not like this one as much, but some might – it just depends on what you’re looking for.

mascara 2

I also tried layering the mascaras. Applying Megavolume and then Megalength worked beautifully – I got volume, and then the Megalength brush acted like a comb and separated my lashes. This gave me the best result I was able to achieve with these mascaras. I did get some mascara on my eyelid – which would have bothered me if I had been wearing eyeshadow! Applying Megalength first and then Megavolume didn’t work at all – it created a lot of clumping.

Both mascaras wore well for me – no smearing, smudging, or flaking.

Overall, I’m a pretty solid “meh” on these mascaras. They’re definitely not going to replace my everyday favorites, but if I needed a super cheap mascara for some reason, I’d head straight for the Megalength!

Have you tried any of Wet n Wild’s new (or older) mascaras? What’s your verdict?

Wet n Wild Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palette Swatches & Photos

It seems like some of the most coveted items from Wet n Wild’s new Centerstage Fergie collection are the new To Reflect Shimmer palettes (now available to buy online), which are supposedly MAC MSF dupes.  I’ve already reviewed one, Rose Champagne  Glow – read my full review here.  Today, I have swatches of all three of the shades for you.

These shimmer palettesare very pretty in the pan:

A043 Carnaval in Rio

A043 Carnaval in Rio

A044 Rose Golden Goddess

A044 Rose Golden Goddess

A045 Rose Champagne Glow

A045 Rose Champagne Glow

And, swatches:

Carnaval in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, Rose Champagne Glow swatches

Carnaval in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, Rose Champagne Glow
daylight bulb

Carnaval in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, Rose Champagne Glow swatches

Carnaval in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, Rose Champagne Glow
with flash to show sparkle

Carnaval in Rio is a shimmery bronze that would work best as a bronzer on most skintones.  Rose Golden Goddess is an orangey – gold shimmer; this seems like a difficult shade to work with. It might work as a blush on lighter skintones and a highlighter on deeper skintones.  Rose Champagne Glow is a shimmer with small flecks of glitter, and is best suited as a highlighter.

Again, for a full review of the To Reflect Shimmer palettes, please click here.

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Wet n Wild Fergie Metropolitan Nights Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild / Fergie Centerstage Collection Metropolitan Nights Photo Op Eyeshadow

Wet n Wild / Fergie Centerstage Collection Metropolitan Nights Photo Op Eyeshadow

I was quite disappointed by first Wet n Wild / Fergie eyeshadow palette I tried (reviewed here), but I really love Wet n Wild’s eyeshadow formula generally, so I wanted to give the new collection another chance. So, I went back and bought a second palette, called Metropolitan Nights.  Unfortunately, it turns out that the Fergie palettes have a totally different – and inferior –  formula to Wet n Wild’s fantastic Color Icon palettes.

Note: I do not recommend the Fergie palettes, but if you can’t find them locally and want to try them out, they are available to purchase online now at

Wet n Wild Fergie Metropolitan Nights Eyeshadow

The packaging of the Fergie eyeshadows is okay – it’s a bit prettier than the standard Wet n Wild packaging, but less depotting-friendly (since the eyeshadows aren’t rectangles). It’s sturdy and functional though, and that’s really all I ask at this price point.

Swatches (as always, done with a sponge tip applicator over bare skin):

Wet n Wild Fergie Metropolitan Nights Eyeshadow Swatches

The upper left is a sheer, shimmering white – the quality here is fine.   The upper right is an extremely sheer gold with some glitter – I hope it was meant to be glitter only, because that’s really all that shows up! The glitter does not adhere to the skin – you would need to use some kind of sticky base.  Continuing clockwise, the lower right is a matte blackened brown with some copper glitter – this one is quite pigmented.  The problem here is that  he matte shade in the center is also a blackened brown that is almost identical (though more sheer).   I had high hopes for the lower left shade, a taupe shimmer, but it’s extremely sheer and doesn’t show up well on my skin tone.  And again, the center shade dupes the lower right shade.

In general, I have little patience for eyeshadow that requires primer, which I realize is a personal quirk, especially given that I always do wear eyeshadow primer.  But, since that’s just me, I also swatched this palette over Wet n Wild’s own eyeshadow primer (reviewed here), to see if it would help.  It didn’t do much for the gold glitter – probably since that one has almost no color at all – but it turned the too-sheer taupe shimmer into quite a lovely shade.

Fergie Metropolitan Nights swatch

over primer

Overall, I would not recommend Metropolitan Nights eyeshadow palette. The taupe shade is pretty over primer, but the palette quality is poor overall.  And, after trying two of the Fergie Centerstage Photo Op eyeshadow palettes, I would recommend that you skip all four of them and stick with Wet n Wild’s Color Icon eyeshadows to meet your inexpensive eyeshadow needs.

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wnw fergie perfect pout lipsticks

Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lipstick Swatches & Review

wnw fergie perfect pout lipsticks - Fergie Daily, Bebot Love, Old School Glam, Saraghina, Fuchsianista, Ferguson Crest Cabernet, Pagan Angel

Fergie Daily, Bebot Love, Old School Glam, Saraghina, Fuchsianista, Ferguson Crest Cabernet, Pagan Angel

As part of my initial Wet n Wild buying spree, I purchased D-Vinely Chilled Ferguson Crest Cabernet lipstick (reviewed here), which was unfortunately mislabeled as D-Vinely Chilled! I love it so much that I went back and bought six more of the Perfect Pout lipsticks! The only ones I didn’t buy are the two pinks and one shade that appears to have shimmer. These are now available to buy online if you can’t find them locally.

The one thing I don’t like about them is the packaging – it looks cheap, and since the bullet doesn’t retract all the way into the tube, if you aren’t extra-careful, you can easily nick it when putting the cap back on.

These lipsticks look similar to Wet n Wild’s Mega Last matte lip colors, but they are completely different – the Perfect Pout lipsticks are semi-translucent and slightly glossy.  All the colors I purchased are shimmer-free (Fuchsianista has a slight duochrome) and have excellent pigmentation.  I’ve tested a couple of the shades for wear, and the lighter shades last 2-3 hours, while the darker shades last 4-6 hours.  The two nudes and the black do not leave stains; the other four shades do leave stains, which last an additional couple hours after the lipstick fades, and last through a meal.

I have swatches of seven of the shades. The three missing shades are a light pink (V.I.P. Pink), a darker pink (Penthouse Sweet) and a wine color that appears to have shimmer (Ferguson Crest Cabernet).

Wet n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lipsticks

Fergie for Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Color Swatches

Fergie for Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Color Swatches (note mislabeled shade)
Fergie Daily, Bebot Love, Old School Glam, Saraghina, Fuchsianista,
Ferguson Crest Cabernet, Pagan Angel

The reason the Pagan Angel (black) swatch is so messy is that the tip of that lipstick broke off while I was swatching it – I’m pretty sure it was already broken when I bought it.  Since the other six shades are completely fine, I don’t think this is a systemic problem with the lipsticks, but please comment if you have this problem too!

Fergie Daily, Bebot Love swatches

Fergie Daily, Bebot Love

Fergie Daily lip swatch

Fergie Daily

Bebot Love lip swatch

Bebot Love

Old School Glam, Saraghina swatches

Old School Glam, Saraghina

Old School Glam lip swatch

Old School Glam

Saraghina lip swatch


Fuchsianista, Ferguson Crest Cabernet swatches

Fuchsianista, Ferguson Crest Cabernet

Fuchsianisa lip swatch


Ferguson Crest Cabernet lip swatch

Ferguson Crest Cabernet

Pagan Angel swatch

Pagan Angel

Pagan Angel lip swatch

Pagan Angel

Overall, I would definitely recommend these lipsticks to everyone – I just love the texture and finish! My favorite colors are Ferguson Crest Cabernet and Old School Glam.

I believe that these are currently only available at one specific Walgreens in Los Angeles (at Sunset & Vine), and will be hitting drugstores nationwide in January.

These are now showing up at Walgreens drugstores nationwide!
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