Spotted: Wet n Wild Fergie Limited Edition Summer 2013 Collection

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Wet n Wild Fergie LE Spring 2013 Display

While at Walgreens this morning, I found a brand new endcap display with the Summer 2013 Limited Edition Wet n Wild Fergie collection.  I have photos of all the new/LE products. The mascara, gel liners, and shimmer palettes (which are swatched here) are all permanent.

The collection includes two Photo Op eyeshadow palettes, Shades of the Hamptons and Newport Nights. Given my poor previous experiences with the Fergie Photo Op palettes, I decided not to buy either.

Wet n Wild Fergie Shades of the Hamptons

Shades of the Hamptons

Wet n Wild Fergie Newport Nights

Newport Nights

There are two glosses –  Fergaluscious and Hot Hot Haute. I purchased Hot Hot Haute – it’s very sheer and smells fruity. I imagine it’s the same formula as Wet n Wild’s Glassy Gloss lip gel, as they are packaged the same way (and as Black Radiance’s Perfect Tone lip gloss, which has the same packaging, consistency, and scent, but a couple shades that are very pigmented and lovely.)

Wet n Wild Fergie Fergalucious Perfect Pout Gloss


Wet n Wild Fergie Hot Hot Haute Perfect Pout Gloss

Hot Hot Haute

There are several new nail polishes as well; I’m not completely sure if these are new permanent colors, or if these are limited edition.

Wet n Wild Fergie Bronze Bombshell

Bronze Bombshell

Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise

Cabo Cruise

Cabo Cruise has very pretty shimmer in it – I purchased this one.

Wet n Wild Fergie Purple Polka Dot Bikini Caribbean Coral

Purple Polka Dot Bikini // Caribbean Coral

Wet n Wild Fergie Summer Spritzer You Know I Gotta Shine

Summer Spritzer // You Know I Gotta Shine

Wet n Wild Fergie Tasty Tasty Tropical Sunset

Tasty Tasty // Tropical Sunset

And finally, a set of mini nail polishes:

Wet n Wild Fergie LE Nailpolish Set I did not see any names on these minis.

And coming soon, yet another Wet n Wild “Spotted” post!

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  • waymire

    Well at least the LE shadows are nicer color combos.. in fact Newport Nights is really pretty…. but I’m not buying either until I see some swatches. The color icon Spring LE palettes which were great never did come to my area.. but I bet they will have one of these in every Walgreens, lol.

  • Rachel

    If you can, pick up the eyeshadow primer. It’s amazing!

  • MakeupWithdrawal

    Emi, I need to move to your area! You always spot the newest, coolest stuff before the rest of the country.

  • Xero

    I was really hoping there would be some lipsticks in this.

  • The minis are: Havasu Blue, Wedding Daze, and 4th of July Parade.

  • eatcakesiowa

    That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! Must go to Walgreen’s asap!

  • galliesallie

    OT: I noticed Ulta started carrying Calvin Klien mu. Its made by Markwins, the maker of WnW! I have a cream eyeshadow I picked up at Tues. Morning and I really like it.

  • Sarah Kauffman

    Did you notice the “Get the Look” makeup cards you can get? I’m trying to figure them out. I’m not exactly sure which color goes to which number.

  • Alexandra Parker

    The only Photo Op palette I bought was in Maldive Skies. I do want to try the new limited edition ones, but I can’t seem to get a hold of them. I don’t think my area of NJ usually gets the new limited edition. It’s super rare. Harmon’s usually has them.

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  • Icequeen81

    like the newport nights