Wet n Wild New 2013 MegaLength & MegaVolume Mascara Review, Photos

wet n wild 2013 megavolume megalength mascara

Wet n Wild has recently released five new mascaras – Megavolume, Megalength, Megaprotein, Megaimpact, and Megaplump – all come in washable formulas, and I believe only Megalength and Megaplum come in waterproof formulas.  These are the same names as Wet n Wild’s previous mascaras, so I’m not sure if these new mascaras are new formulas, or just new packaging – but from photos, it does look like the wands of at least some of the mascaras have changed, which can make a big different to the performance!

wet n wild megavolume megalength mascaras

First, let’s take a look at the wands – Megalength has a silicone wand with very short bristles.  It’s sort of like Maybelline’s The Rocket mascara wand, but smaller.

Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara Wand

Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara Wand


The Megavolume mascara wand is very different. It’s a traditional-type mascara wand, and it’s quite large.  I had trouble applying this mascara – I got it all over my eyelid. I actually usually use a mascara guard to prevent that, but I don’t use one when I’m testing mascara since I know most people don’t.

Wet n Wild Megavolume Mascara Wand

Wet n Wild Megavolume Mascara Wand

And now, performance! Here is a before/ after of the Megalength mascara on my left eye..  It performed well. It’s supposed to lengthen, lift lashes, and be clump free, and it does all of those things.  It doesn’t give much volume, but it doesn’t claim that it will.

No Mascara // WnW Megalength Mascara

No Mascara // WnW Megalength Mascara

And here is a before / after of my right eye with the Megavolume mascara. Again, I had real difficultly applying this mascara – it didn’t seem to transfer from the brush to my lashes, and then it got all over my eyelid (you can see it along my lashline).  This one did clump some, which is typical of a more volumizing formula. I did not like this one as much, but some might – it just depends on what you’re looking for.

mascara 2

I also tried layering the mascaras. Applying Megavolume and then Megalength worked beautifully – I got volume, and then the Megalength brush acted like a comb and separated my lashes. This gave me the best result I was able to achieve with these mascaras. I did get some mascara on my eyelid – which would have bothered me if I had been wearing eyeshadow! Applying Megalength first and then Megavolume didn’t work at all – it created a lot of clumping.

Both mascaras wore well for me – no smearing, smudging, or flaking.

Overall, I’m a pretty solid “meh” on these mascaras. They’re definitely not going to replace my everyday favorites, but if I needed a super cheap mascara for some reason, I’d head straight for the Megalength!

Have you tried any of Wet n Wild’s new (or older) mascaras? What’s your verdict?

  • Icequeen81

    indeed the look pretty meah, that is so sad

  • I hate those plastic brushes, I prefer the over-sized traditional bristles. I actually like using WnW mascaras, I feel for 2-3 bucks they are pretty decent (much better than Jordana, which made the worst messes when I tried to wash it off!), so whenever I need to pick up a tube on the run I go for WnW when I find it.

  • MegaLength is HG for me, haven’t found any other mascara, either high end or drugstore, that performs better on my lashes. I stock up all the time when it goes on sale lol

  • Hmm… MegaLength may be one for me to try. I like small brushes like that… although I tend to prefer when they’re not quite as long. Easier to manuver and get individual lashes that way