L’oreal Miss Candy Gellie Nail Polish Swatches & Review

L'oreal Miss Candy Gellie Nail Polish

Jolly Lolly // Mango Mamma // Creme de Mint // Miss Pixie // Lilac Coolers // Berry Nice

I spotted L’Oreal’s new Miss Candy limited edition Gellie / jelly nail polishes a little while ago and purchased/reviewed two of them. I wanted more right away, but held out for a sale! They’re BOGO half off this week at Rite Aid, which has the best prices in my area, so I bought four more.

In the following photos, the left swatch is one coat, and the right swatch is three coats. The opacity of the polishes varies significantly (as you can tell from the one-coat swatches), but I’ve done fairly thick coats where needed for the three-coat swatches to show how the polishes look when built up.

L'oreal Jolly Lolly Mango Mamma Swatches

Jolly Lolly // Mango Mamma

Jolly Lolly is a pink based cherry-red; Mango Mamma is a yellow-orange at one coat, and a true orange at full strength. Both are quite pigmented at one coat, wearable at two coats, and have the squishy, translucent-looking finish that characterizes jelly polishes.

L'oreal Creme de Mint Miss Pixie Swatches

Creme de Mint // Miss Pixie

Creme de Mint is a very sheer mint green jelly/cream hybrid (crelly). It takes four coats to be wearable.  Miss Pixie is a bright medium blue true jelly; it takes about three coats to be wearable. Note that the roughness in the one-coat swatch is due to the nail wheel, not the polish.

L'oreal Lilac Coolers Berry Nice Swatches

Lilac Coolers // Berry Nice

Lilac Coolers is an extremely sheer lilac crelly; it takes four, or even five, coats to hide the nail line. Berry Nice is a sheer blue-based purple jelly, which takes 3-4 coats to be wearable.

All six of these polishes had a very good formula; they were thin and coated the nail evenly.  I really like L’oreal’s brush, which is slightly rounded to make painting near the cuticle easier, but still small enough to be easy to handle.

I haven’t worn all of these on my nails yet, but here are swatches of the ones I have.

L'oreal Gellie Creme de Mint Swatch

Creme de Mint – 4 coats

L'oreal Berry Nice Gellie Swatch - 3 coats

Berry Nice – 3 coats

L'oreal Gellie Jolly Lolly Swatch

Jolly Lolly – 3 coats (though only two are needed)

Overall, I would definitely recommend these polishes, especially if you can pick them up on sale!

*I purchased the product(s) featured in this post. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.