Wet n Wild Color Up! Colored Mascara Swatches & Quick Review

Wet n Wild Color Up MegaVolume Mascara

Olive Green // Indigo Blue // Cashmere Plum // Retro Pink

Yesterday, I spotted a new Wet n Wild limited edition collection consisting of four colored mascaras: Olive Green, Indigo Blue, Cashmere Plum, and Retro Pink.  They’re in Wet n Wild’s Megavolume mascara formula, which I had not previously tried.

Here’s the same skin swatch I posted yesterday:

Wet n Wild Color Up Mascara Swatches - Olive Green // Indigo Blue // Cashmere Plum // Retro Pink

Olive Green // Indigo Blue // Cashmere Plum // Retro Pink

You can see that the formulas of the mascaras differ; the green has the best formula by far.  The blue is extremely pigmented, but difficult to work with because it stains the skin so badly (it was VERY difficult to remove the stain from the swatch on my arm – it took a lot of oil, a lot of makeup remover, and a lot of scrubbing). The plum is a lovely color but very wet – I have the mascara open now, and I’m hoping that drying it out will improve the formula. The pink is a bit too wet, but not as bad as the purple.

Here are close-up photos of the mascaras on my lashes:

Wet n Wild Green Mascara Swatch

Olive Green

Wet n Wild Blue Mascara Swatch

Indigo Blue

Wet n Wild Plum Purple Mascara Swatch

Cashmere Plum

Wet n Wild Pink Mascara Swatch

Retro Pink

As you can see, all the colors show up fairly well. I had the most difficultly getting Cashmere Plum to show up because the formula is so wet, which makes the color hard to build.  Note that the blue will definitely stain light-colored lashes.

These are quite subtle from a distance, but I like how they add just a little color. Here are some photos of the green, which I am wearing today, from a bit more distance.

Wet n Wild Olive Green Mascara Swatch - 2
Wet n Wild Olive Green Mascara Swatch - 3

I’ve been wearing this one – which again, has the best formula – for about 7 hours today and it’s wearing very well – no smudging, smearing, or flaking thus far. I’ll update if I end up having any problems with the formula!

Overall, these are fun mascaras at a great price point, and a great way to experiment with the colored mascara trend. I would recommend the green one without reservations. The blue is lovely, but tricky to apply due to the staining issue – I would recommend it only if you’re willing to be extra-careful when you apply.  I’m still on the fence about the purple and I’ll have to see how it is after it has a chance to dry out. As for the pink? I have no idea how to wear a pink mascara – but I guess I would recommend it if you’re looking for one!

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  • Mai

    I’m not sure if the formula would work on my upper lashes (I usually need waterproof mascara) but I think these would work as a great accent on the lower lashes! Thanks for the swatches. How much did each one cost?

    • The mascaras actually didn’t scan at the Walgreens I went to (and no there was no price marked), so I got them for the price of the regular MegaVolume mascara at that store – $3.49 each. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be $3.49 each or a little more 🙂

  • I liked the green one the most, they are tricky if I may be honest, the rest of your face should be neutral

    • That’s how I wore the green yesterday – just foundation to even out my skin, lip balm, and green mascara 🙂

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  • Oh these look so pigmented. I haven’t found a coloured mascara that actually showed up on my black lashes >_<

  • I LOVE me some coloured mascaras! I hope we get these here!

  • Eve

    Are your lashes naturally light in color? I want the blue one after seeing your photo, but my lashes are black so I’m not sure if it will show up.

    • Nope, they’re almost black – if you look at the last photos in the post (the ones with the green mascara on both eyes), you can see my natural lash color – I’m only wearing the green mascara, and I didn’t manage to get any on my inner lashes, and didn’t put any on my lower lashes. If it’s easier to see, they’re pretty much the same color as my eyebrows 🙂

  • Tara

    Thank you so much for the swatches both on the lash and on the arm – seeing both is so great! 😀 I am so excited for these!!! I called around to a few Walgreens and was lucky enough to find a location that had all four shades! *so happy*

    I have the ELF eyeshadow/mascara shield so I’ll definitely use it when applying the blue shade as the idea of scrubbing around my eyes…ouch. Thank you so much for mentioning it in your review! (((my eyes send hugs))) 😀

    I’m wondering if the plum and pink are similar in formula to the colorful Maybelline L.E. mascaras that came out last summer. Did you try any of those? I loved the aqua shade so much but the formula, not so much. It was very, very wet and messy though I put up with the formula to have the beautiful color. <3

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  • Megan Cheyanne

    I can’t find these anywhere!! I really want the pink one to use with a cosplay I’m doing 🙁