Milani Coming Up Roses Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Flora Passion Warm Petals Coming Up Roses Blush

Flora Passion // Warm Petals

Milani recently released a new collection of four limited edition rose shaped blushes, the “Coming Up Roses” collection.  There are four colors available, and I purchased two of them: Flora Passion, a matte pinky-coral, and Warm Petals, a slightly shimmery orangey nude.

Milani’s permanent blush line (the baked blushes) are very pigmented and beautiful colors but are too shimmery for my preferences, so I had high hopes for the Coming Up Roses blushes.  Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by these.

These are quite pretty in the pan –

Milani Flora Passion Coming Up Roses Blush

Flora Passion

Milani Warm Petals Coming Up Roses Blush

Warm Petals

But both shades swatched terribly. At first (using a sponge tip applicator), I couldn’t get them to show up at all. I thought there might be some kind of layer on the surface, so I scraped a bit of it off and went over my swatches again.  They still were barely visible.

The following swatches were made by scraping up some of the blush, and they are very heavily layered – around 20 swipes each.

Milani Flora Passion Warm Petals rose blush swatches

Flora Passion // Warm Petals – heavily layered swatches

Flora Passion is a very pretty coral – I’m sad that the quality means I won’t use it.  I love nude blushes, but Warm Petals has a bit too much orange in it to work for me.

Overall, these blushes are a definite SKIP for me.  They require far too much work just to show up.  I know some people prefer a sheer, foolproof blush – but I still wouldn’t recommend these to anyone, as there are plenty of blush options at this price point that are much better.

Do note that all the reviews I have read of these are positive, with comments about how these blushes are soft and pigmented. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or something! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have tried these.


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  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Hey Em! How ya doin’? 🙂
    Awww, I saw pretty blushes in your title but too bad they suck! It makes me sad when a blush is bad haha! Thanks for the heads up to avoid.

  • Hollie Forrest

    I haven’t found these at any of my local stores yet, but I’m sad to hear that they aren’t pigmented. I still want to try them, but at least now I won’t have my hopes up. Thanks for giving an honest opinion!

  • Jennifer Pham

    I actually love the one I got! The color shows up well and it’s so blendable. I got romantic rose!

  • these are so pretty! (but too bad they aren’t that great…)

  • Icequeen81

    warm petals is a kind for me the shade, It is a shame they are not pigmented enough

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