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Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet & Flirting at the After Party Spring 2014 Eyeshadow Palettes: Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild recently released a limited edition collection for Spring 2014, called “The Style Award Goes To . . .” The collection includes six Megalast nail polishes (I swatched two of them) and two 8-pan eyeshadow palettes, which I have for you today.

Frankly, I hesitated to buy these. Wet n Wild used to have a fantastic eyeshadow formula, but many of their latest released (such as the permanent 5-pan eyeshadow palettes) were not up to par. However, after posting a picture of the display on Instagram and receiving several comments that these eyeshadows are the old, good quality formula, I caved. And I’m glad I did! I don’t think these eyeshadows are  as good as the best of Wet n Wild, but they’re decent palettes with a few stand-out shades.

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Wet n Wild Valet Tag & Silver Lining Spring 2014 Nail Polish Quick Swatches

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WnW Megalast Spring 2014

As you may know, Wet n Wild recently released two 8-pan palettes and six Megalast nail polishes, all limited edition.  Here’s a shot of the collection from my Instagram.

I haven’t decided yet whether to buy the eyeshadow palettes, but picked up two of the polishes – the others (seen here on Nouveau Cheap – note that her bottles and my bottles have switched shade names) are too frosty for my tastes.

WnW Silver Lining Valet Tag swatches

Valet Tag // Silver Lining

Valet Tag is a taupe with silver shimmer, opaque in two coats. I had hoped the shimmer would be more visible, but I can barely see it on the nail.

Silver Lining is a VERY sheer grey with blue and pink shimmer. It’s lovely, but this is about five coats, and I suspect six would be needed on the nail if you wanted it to be opaque.  It’s better for layering.

WnW Silver Lining swatches

I accidentally made the above photo too small – sorry – but you see Silver Lining alone, over black, over purple, and over a steely grey.  I like it best over the grey.

Have you found this new collection, or are you still looking for it?

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Sunday Swatches: Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise Nail Polish

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Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise

During the summer, I posted about the Wet n Wild Fergie Summer collection, which includes many different types of items including several nail polishes (note there’s also another nail polish only Fergie summer collection out).  I purchased one of the nail polishes, Cabo Cruise, and it is GORGEOUS.

Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise-2

Look at that shimmer!

Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise Swatch

Photographed in full sun


I saw this around all summer but haven’t seen it lately  . . . sorry about that :/ (I found this post in my drafts folder a little while ago – I wish I had published it this summer when the polish was still available!)

Milani Coming Up Roses Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Flora Passion Warm Petals Coming Up Roses Blush

Flora Passion // Warm Petals

Milani recently released a new collection of four limited edition rose shaped blushes, the “Coming Up Roses” collection.  There are four colors available, and I purchased two of them: Flora Passion, a matte pinky-coral, and Warm Petals, a slightly shimmery orangey nude.

Milani’s permanent blush line (the baked blushes) are very pigmented and beautiful colors but are too shimmery for my preferences, so I had high hopes for the Coming Up Roses blushes.  Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by these.

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Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Collection Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Collection

Hey everyone – long time, no post! Sorry about that – I’ve had a lot going on.  But, I have a backlog of products to share, and let’s start off with a bang – the new Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze limited edition eyeshadow palettes, which I found at Rite Aid this morning.

This post is very image-heavy!

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Wet n Wild Topping Collection Photos & Swatches

wet n wild toppings collection -  frosted over

Frosted Over

Last April (or perhaps in late February), Wet n Wild released the Be Jeweled collection – five limited edition Color Icon nail polishes in special packaging, which I swatched in this post.  The Bejeweled Collection are all very dense tiny glitters with larger rainbow glitters (similar to the Sinful Colors glitters I swatched yesterday) – some of which were also duochrome when layered over black. Here is the Bejeweled collection, to refresh your memory:

wet n wild be jeweled collection swatches

click to enlarge

This year, Wet n Wild has released another very similar collection, called the Toppings collection.  Again, the polishes are special-packaging Color Icon polishes (though the packaging is totally different), and again the polishes have small glitter plus larger rainbow glitter (though the glitter is significantly less dense than last year’s polishes). Thus far I’ve only purchases one polish, because I initially though the polishes were basically identical to last year’s polishes, but they are more different than I though, so I will be buying a few more today & I’ll update this post with more swatches in a couple hours.  This year’s polishes have fewer pieces of small glitter, so the glitter is less dense, and but a similar overall effect.  Once again, some shades are duochrome and some are not.  Here are the three shades I purchased together (close-up shots are below)

wet n wild topping collection swatches

And here’s this year’s display:

wet n wild toppings collection

Note that the labels are right side up when the bottles are upside down, and the bottles are not labeled with the color names otherwise. Quite annoying! The bottles are also so tall that most normal nail polish storage won’t work for them (the “sticks” are not removable). I did find that they are very easy to use.

Here are bottle shots of all the shades, with swatches when available:

wet n wild Confessions of a Bake-aholic

Confessions of a Bake-aholic

Confessions of a Bake-aholic is silver – no duochrome is visible in the bottle.

wet n wild Chip On Your Shoulder

Chip On Your Shoulder

Chip On Your Shoulder looks pink to me, it might have a slight duochrome, but I’m not sure.

wet n wild Frosted Over Sprinkled With Love

Frosted Over // Sprinkled With Love

Frosted Over & Sprinkled With Love both have strong duochromes, and I purchased both. Frosted Over is teal shifting to purple, and Sprinkled With Love is purple shifting to blue. As you can see, I’ve swatched each alone and over black, and you can only see the color and duochrome when they are over black.

wet n wild toppings frosted over swatch

Frosted Over

wet n wild sprinkled with love swatches

Sprinkled With Love

Moving on –

wet n wild Gimme Some Suga'

Gimme Some Suga’

Gimme Some Suga’ is an olive green. I also purchased this one:

wet n wild gimme some suga' swatches

Gimme Some Suga’

Again, the color is really only visible over black.

wet n wild Icing Backup

Icing Backup

It took me a while to figure out the name of this one (Icing/ I Sing Backup). It looks similar to Chip On Your Shoulder – a bit more purple.

Any of these interest you?