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Wet n Wild Fergie BB Cream Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild Fergie BB Cream

I recently came across a display of the new(ish) Wet n Wild Fergie BB cream at Walmart, and was intrigued enough to pick on up to try, although I hadn’t seen any reviews. That was a mistake – I think this picture says it all.

Fergie BB Cream before after swatches

No makeup // WnW Fergie BB Cream unblended & blended

I deliberately applied the BB cream over a freckle, and you can see that it’s not hidden at all.  I wouldn’t classify this as a BB cream (or foundation) – it’s a barely-tinted primer, or perhaps a barely-tinted sunscreen. The silver lining to the poor pigmentation is that it’s very useable as a sunscreen – I can apply the necessary half-teaspoon to my face without looking like I have makeup caked on – and in fact, without looking like I have makeup on at all.

I can’t find a place to purchase this online, and I believe it has very limited distribution in stores as well; I’ve never seen it at Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. However, that’s not much of a loss – it’s definitely not recommended!

Milani Coming Up Roses Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Flora Passion Warm Petals Coming Up Roses Blush

Flora Passion // Warm Petals

Milani recently released a new collection of four limited edition rose shaped blushes, the “Coming Up Roses” collection.  There are four colors available, and I purchased two of them: Flora Passion, a matte pinky-coral, and Warm Petals, a slightly shimmery orangey nude.

Milani’s permanent blush line (the baked blushes) are very pigmented and beautiful colors but are too shimmery for my preferences, so I had high hopes for the Coming Up Roses blushes.  Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by these.

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Flower Time Willow Tell Color Play Creme Eyeshadow: Review & Swatches

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Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

I recently purchased two items from the Walmart-exclusive Flower by Drew Barrymore makeup line (available online and in some stores), and I’ll be reviewing both for you today.  First up – Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Time Willow Tell, which retails for $8.

First: Packaging. Part of the premise behind Flower Makeup is that it is prestige-quality makeup in high quality, more luxurious packaging for an inexpensive price.  As with any makeup line, the quality of the items vary, but packaging wise, I personally think they completely missed their goal. To me, the packaging looks and feels extremely cheap and tacky – white plastic? Really? It is reasonably functional and sturdy, but not only is it not luxe, it’s some of the least attractive drugstore packaging I’ve ever seen.  Additionally, they neglected to label the plastic with the shade names of the products; only the peel-off labels (which seal the products closed) have shade names.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

Texture-wise, this is a really interesting product.  I first read about it on Nouveau Cheap, and I was intrigued by G.’s detailed review – a whipped mouse that never dried down, but didn’t crease, even on her oily skin?   I suggest reading her review, as she had a totally different experience with this product than I did (it creased for me; more on this later).  I do agree with her about the texture in the pot; it’s sort of cool-whip-esque, and totally different from any other eyeshadow I have tried.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

Time Willow Tell is a very sparkly icy sage green.  In the swatches below, I’ve applied it two ways; the left swatch is a single thin, blended layer, and the right swatch is multiple layers.  As you can see, one layer gives a lot of sparkle and very little color; multiple layers give a little color, but it’s still quite sheer. I found that it was not possible to build it to an opaque color.

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow Swatch

Natural light: one layer, multiple layers

Flower Time Willow Tell Creme Eyeshadow

With flash: one layer, multiple layers

I tried wearing this on my eyes several ways.  As an extremely sheer wash of sparkle only it works well enough and doesn’t crease – there really isn’t enough product there to crease.  Layered about as heavily as in the second swatch – which is really quite sheer and not very heavily layered at all – it creases very badly within a few hours on me, either alone or over primer.  If worn the same way but set with face powder or eyeshadow (I chose a sheer shade, but I imagine layering on an opaque eyeshadow would work as well), it works for me and does not crease. It has a little fallout throughout the day, due to the sparkle.

Overall, I found this product mildly disappointing.  I was hoping that I would be able to get a richer, more opaque color out of it; instead, it’s quite sheer.  I don’t really mind using a primer and setting it with powder, though of course I would prefer it if I could use it alone.  I won’t be purchasing any more of these shadows, and I don’t recommend them.

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NYC Apple Blossom Applelicious Lip Balm Review & Swatches

nyc applelicious glossy lip balm apple blossom

Next up, we have one of NYC’s newly released products, the Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm, which is a tinted lip balm.  There are several different shades, and I picked out the shade Apple Blossom, which I thought might be a dark pink.

nyc applelicious apple blossom swatch

one swipe // multiple swipes

It’s more of a medium pink, and at first I didn’t see any shimmer (more on that in a minute).  It’s quite sheer, which is what I would expect from something labeled a lip balm.  It smells like apples – it’s a nice scent to my nose, not too artificial smelling.

nyc applicious glossy lip balm apple blossom swatch-2 Unfortunately, there were two problems when I applied it to my lips.  First, I didn’t like the color it ended up – it’s just too light of a pink for me.  But, that’s just my preference and that’s just this one shade – it doesn’t mean anything bad about the product as a whole.  However, the balm also felt extremely gritty – like it was full of shimmer, even though I didn’t see any shimmer in it. I examined the balm more closely, and it appears that the outer portion is shimmer-free, but the inner (apple-shaped) part has fine shimmer. I can barely see it, but it feels very unpleasant on my lips and I had to wipe it off.

I don’t know if the other shades have shimmer, but I am quite hesitant to try them, though I do actually quite like tinted balms and these really do have potential.  Have you tried the Applelicious balms? What are your thoughts on them?

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner Review & Swatches

nyc high definition liquid felt tip eyeliner

I have several NYC products to review – I was looking at the new NYC display at CVS, checking out the new products, and some of the new as well as some of the older products just jumped into my shopping basket! These will be brief reviews.

First up, the NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner, which is a felt-tip eyeliner pen.   It has a fairly fine point, though not quite as fine as the Dollywink liner (which I have not reviewed, but is swatched in this post). It applies quite smoothly, even over eyeshadow, and though it’s not waterproof, it lasted all day for me.  The major downside – and it’s quite a problem for me – is that it’s not black enough for me. Instead, it’s sheer black that looks quite gray.

nyc high definition liquid felt tip eyeliner swatch

one swipe // built up swatch

As you can see, even going over the line multiple times doesn’t make it a dark black.  Thus, unless you prefer a sheer black (and I’m not sure that anyone does), this eyeliner is miss. My favorite drugstore eyeliner pen was – by far! – Milani’s limited edition Color Play liner from last summer, but unfortunately mine is on its last legs.

What’s your favorite pen-style eyeliner?


Maybelline Master Duo Navy Gleam Liquid Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner - Navy Gleam

Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner – Navy Gleam

I’m not usually a liquid liner person – I prefer pencils, pens, and gels – but I was still excited about the prospect of Maybelline’s new liquid liner, advertised as a glossy liquid liner with a dual tip and long wear.  Unfortunately, it’s quite bad.

First, the applicator is annoying.  On the package, it looks like the entire applicator is thin in one direction and wider in another, and perhaps if it were shaped like that it would work better – but the actual applicator tapers, and has an oddly shaped tip that is hard to work with on the eye.  It is possible to draw a wider or a narrower line on your hand or arm, but on the eye, it’s hard to control the direction of the tip and the width of the line.

Being unable to draw a fine line would be enough to make me mildy dislike the liner, but that’s not why I say it’s a terrible product. It’s extremely sheer, which is not what I want in an eyeliner!  On the left, I’ve tried to do a heavy swatch, which is still somewhat sheer, and also is taking a long time to dry.  On the right is a single swipe (the narrowest I could manage), which is very sheer as you can see.  It is possible to go over the liner a second time once it has dried to darken the color, but it still does not become dark and opaque.

Yet another problem is the slow dry time – a thin line takes about 30 seconds to dry, and you must keep your eyes closed the whole time, or else you’ll end up with spots of eyeliner all over your eye area.

But, there are positive attributes as well: The liner is, as advertised, glossy and long wearing. It is completely waterproof and smudgeproof – it will flake off with oil, makeup remover and/or enough pressure, but it won’t ever smudge.

Overall, I cannot recommend this eyeliner to anyone.  The applicator problem is worth working around – you could always use a brush.  It’s long wearing and totally smugeproof, so would be great for anyone with oily lids. But, the sheerness of it, and the difficulty / impossibility of building up the color make this a poor choice for anyone.

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