Spotted: NYC Let’s Paint The Town Collection

NYC Let's Paint The Town Display

Earlier today, I found a new NYC collection at Rite Aid, called the Let’s Paint The Town collection. Since none of the products are listed on NYC’s website, I think every product in this display is limited edition – however, if you have different information, please let me know in the comments!

The display contains two bronzers, four lip glosses, two eyeshadow trios, two sparkle eye dusts and polishes (from the $2 quick dry line).  This post has information and photos about the collection; I purchased several items, and I’ll have swatches for you tomorrow.

NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder

NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder: ManhanTan, MetropoliTan

The bronzers are a new item; they’re named the Big Bold Bronzing powders, and I love the design embossed on them.  The lighter one is named ManhanTan and the darker MetropoliTan. As you can see, I purchased both.

NYC Let's Paint The Town Lip Gloss

Water Lily, Dewy Rose, Pink Flamingo, Spring Meadow

There are four Kiss lip glosses. Water Lily appears to be a shimmery pink, Dewy Rose to be a pink creme, Pink Flamingo a coral creme, and Spring Meadow to be a shimmery green (which I am guessing applies clear from the translucency).  I believe the Kiss Glosses are fairly sheer glosses, so I didn’t purchase any of them.

NYC Let's Paint The Town Eyeshadow Trios

Crystal Springs, Water Colors

The eyeshadow trios have lovely colors – I especially love the peach in Water Colors and the blue in Water Colors.  But, given my recent disappointing experience with NYC eyeshadow trios, I didn’t purchase either.

NYC Let's Paint The Town Sparkle Eye Dust

Golden Splash, Precious Pink

Oddly, the pink-appearing Sparkle Eye Dust is called Golden Splash (perhaps it reflects gold?) and the sandy gold Sparkle Eye Dust is called Precious Pink. I checked all of the labels on all of the eye dusts (each is labeled twice) in case something was mislabeled, but that appears not to be the case. I purchased Precious Pink & will have swatches of that for you tomorrow.

NYC Let's Paint The Town Nail Polish

Spring Tulip, Apple Fizz, Raindrop, Shimmer Blast

The nail polishes are really lovely – Spring Tulip is a hot pink creme, which is a great color, but not really my style, so I didn’t get it. I purchased the other three – Apple Fizz, sort of a neon pastel green, Raindrop, a pastel blue (also not really my color, but I’ve been getting more into blue lately), and Shimmer Blast, which I am SO excited to swatch.

NYC Shimmer Blast Will you be keeping an eye out for this collection?

  • That green looks cool, even if it does apply clear!

  • I’ll be on the look out for those bronzers! Thanks for the deets!

  • I’m kind of curious about the green lipgloss. The nail polishes although look nice, the shimmer top coat in particular.
    By the time my local drugstore receive this collection, it’s probably gonna be winter anyway 🙁

  • hard to say they don’t sell the brand here… But if they did I the Manhattan tan and the shimmer blast could be my only choice

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  • waymire

    Thanks for posting this… I do like the shadows (they just need a base, and I use a base for just about every eye look anyway so no biggie) and those trios are gorgeous. Every shimmer dust I have tried has been lovely so good to have more, especially the pink. Have to keep my eye out for them. I was just in Rite Aid on Wednesday and we did not have the display.. but things take longer to get to my area.

  • cindioverstreet

    I’ll be on the lookout for Apple Fizz, Raindrop, and Spring Tulip. I like those colors and they definitely will make a pretty spring mani.