NYC Let’s Paint The Town Nail Polish Swatches

NYC Apple Fizz Raindrop Shimmer Blast Swatch

Apple Fizz // Raindrop // Apple Fizz + Shimmer Blast // Raindrop + Shimmer Blast //
Black Creme + Shimmer Blast

This is the final post (at least for now) in my series of swatches of NYC’s new Let’s Paint the Town collection. I purchased three of the four nail polishes, which are all from the $2 quick-dry nail polish line. Note that all swatch photos in this post are in natural light.

NYC Apple Fizz Raindrop

Apple Fizz // Raindrop

First, the cremes.  Both were thick and streaky, which is not uncommon with lighter colors, but is still not what I want in a polish! I had a lot of difficultly applying them neatly, and I was not happy with the final result; so I thinned them with nail polish thinner (I like Orly’s; be sure to get one that doesn’t have acetone as an ingredient).  After thinner, they performed much better.  The first coat was still streaky, but was thin enough to apply smoothly, and after 2-3 coats they looked even and smooth. Thinning is definitely recommended with these polishes!

NYC Raindrop Swatch


You can see the thickness and streakiness in the Raindrop swatch; the first coat of Raindrop was applied as bought, and the second coat was thinned, but not quite enough.

NYC Apple Fizz Swatch

Apple Fizz

And you can se how much better Apple Fizz performed – this is three very thin coats, because I thinned it sufficiently. This is a fantastic color – bright and pastel at the same time.

NYC Shimmer Blast

Shimmer Blast is definitely a top coat; it doesn’t really show up alone.  Over black (or other dark colors), it appears blue-green (due to the density of the blue-green shimmer particles) with some pink and gold shimmer as well.

NYC Shimmer Blast Swatch

Shimmer Blast over black creme

Over Raindrop & Apple Fizz, it adds a very subtle shimmer:

NYC Raindrop Shimmer Blast Swatch

Raindrop + Shimmer Blast

NYC Apple Fizz Shimmer Blast Swatch

Apple Fizz + Shimmer Blast (I lied; this photo is actually with flash, not natural light!)

Overall, I do recommend these polishes.  Raindrop isn’t a shade I am particularly drawn to, but that’s just a personal preference – I can tell that it’s a shade others will love. And I love Apple Fizz and Shimmer Blast!   It’s too bad that the formulas of the cremes aren’t better, but it’s nothing that some shimmer can’t fix; for polishes this cheap, I don’t mind a little diy.

*I purchased the three polishes featured in this post.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • I need to try more of these. I have a dark shade and likes it but these colors are lovely!

  • Sabrina Brouwer

    Great swatches!

  • Cindi

    I love Apple Fizz and Raindrop! For the price you really can’t go wrong on these pretty colors. I don’t mind adding a little thinner if that is all it needs to make it work. I’ve had costly OPI’s and even costlier Butter Londons that needed a drop of thinner too, so I can deal with it.

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