NYC Tudor City Teal & Rock The Party Nail Polish Swatches

nyc tudor city teal swatch

NYC has just released several new shades of both its Long Wearing nail polish (which sells for 99 cents) and its In A Minute nail polish (which sells for $1.99).  I bought two of the new Long Wearing shades, Tudor City Teal and Rock the Party, and I have swatches!

Above, you see Tudor City Teal. It’s a fantastic color, but I did have a little bit of trouble with the application.  It’s very sheer – it requires three coats to be opaque, and maybe even four if you do very thin coats.  It looks streaky when you’re at the two-coat mark, but it does even out.  I also had some bubbles, though perhaps slowing down and waiting between coats would fix that issue. Still, for 99 cents, I don’t mind imperfect application for a color like this – it’s definitely worth it to me!

nyc tudor city teal rock the party nail polish

In the bottle, Rock the Party looks like a green-purple duochrome – there are several similar shades around, including Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy.  Because all of those shades are sheer, I suspected that it would be sheer as well, and it is – it really needs to be worn over another color.

nyc tudor city teal rock the party swatch

Tudor City Teal // Rock The Party // Rock The Party over black creme //
Rock the Party over Tudor City Teal

The nail wheel above has three coats of Tudor City Teal on the first nail. The following three nails each have two coats of Rock The Party (over nothing, over black, and over Tudor City Teal).

Rock The Party has a nice formula – very thin and even. It does have a tendency to pool at the tips, so it’s best to wait for one layer to dry a bit before adding a second layer, but really I have no complaints (especially for a dollar).  It’s a fantastic layering shade, and I’d highly recommend it!

  • Icequeen81

    like rock the party over black creme, but I have to say the teal is pretty in my case more a toe shade than a shade for my hands

    • I was thinking it would be a great summer pedi color 🙂

      • Icequeen81

        We dont have summers here, so it can be a shade for the whole year ( except rainy season) But indeed it can be a great summer shade for those who enjoy the 4 seasons.

  • This reminds me of Dior Saint-Tropez! I think that was one of the two nail polishes I wore the most times last year (the other is a england Beauty Never Fails)!

  • fahsky

    Thanks for swatching Rock the Party – just picked it up, too! I want to find something to layer it over to get that bottle look, I’m obsessed with it!