NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios: Swatches & Review

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NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios

High-quality neutral eyeshadows can be difficult to find at the drugstore, so I was excited when I learned that NYC had released several new eyeshadow trios – and many of them were neutrals! Per the NYC website, there are 12 trios, and 5-6 of them look to be neutral; I’ve only seen six of them in-store so far (in permanent displays at CVS and temporary displays at Rite Aid), and those displays had the pictured four neutral quads. has eleven of the trios available for purchase.

The suggested retail price of the trios is $2.99 each; I had $1 off coupons and bought them on sale, so I ended up paying only about a dollar per trio.


NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios

Long Beach Sands // Bronzed in Brooklyn // Late Night Latte // Central Park Plums

The eyeshadows trios are packaged in slim black compacts; I appreciate that there isn’t much space wasted, and they also look like they would be easy to depot.

The textures of the eyeshadows vary; some are sheer and sparkly, some have satin finishes, some are shimmers,  and some have almost no payoff at all.  I would say that the texture/payoff/pigmentation level ranges from very poor to acceptable; none of the eyeshadows rise to the level of good.

nyc long beach sands swatches

Long Beach Sands

Long Beach Sands:
Browbone shade: A little too soft – lots of fallout, decent payoff.
Lid shade: One of the better shades, a smooth satin.
Crease shade: Not much payoff, a satin.

nyc bronzed in brooklyn swatches

Bronzed in Brooklyn

Bronzed in Brooklyn:
Browbone shade: Very poor pigmentation, barely shows up.
Lid shade: Okay-ish; takes multiple swipes.
Crease shade: One of the better shades – satin finish.

nyc late night latte swatches

Late Night Latte

Late Night Latte:
Browbone shade: Shows up okay, okay texture.
Lid shade: The worst shade of the bunch – too hard, barely shows up.
Crease shade: Too sheer, but does show up.

nyc central park plums swatches

Central Park Plums

Central Park Plums:
Browbone shade: An okay shade – sheer but decent.
Lid shade: Another okay but sheer shade.
Crease shade: Not much payoff, does show up with multiple swipes.

Overall, I can’t recommend any of these trios — even for a dollar; they’re just too inconsistent and the quality isn’t there.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive neutral eyeshadow trio, go for one of Wet n Wild’s instead; they’re the same price and miles better.

*As noted in this review, I purchased all four of these trios.  This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • MiMi

    Noted. I was interested in the new trios but I hadn’t seen them in stores yet. Thanks for the review/swatches!

  • hmmm slightly disappointing color payoff i think…have been skipping this line for years now.

    • They have some fantastic nail polishes and lipsticks, but I agree that the eyeshadow is quite skippable!

  • Wow, HD shadows! Cool idea but it really doesn’t do much good if the consistency isn’t there :/ Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • They’re all so similar… boooo!

    • waymire

      I don’t know why the drugstores are stocking only the neutrals.. there are more colors in the line. I guess they figure those are the ones most customers would be drawn to.

  • I need long beach sands

  • waymire

    If this post doubles I apologize.. it disappeared when I logged in.

    Overall the formula is fine, not chalky, no major fallout, balling up or flaking, hold on to the eye well (with primer)… just light pigmentation. Definitely need a color base, makes all the difference in the world. They are everyday shadows, not “wow” shadows, which do have a place in my routine. Sometimes it’s nice to wind up with a light wearable look without having to blend for days. I like Blues Cafe and Streets of Gold.. I wore Bronzed in Brooklyn a few days in a row in different ways, it goes great with Bad to the Bronze CT. I wore Concrete Jungle today, the blue is super pigmented and the grey is really pretty, looks great with Silver Strike CT.

    I’ve been looking everywhere for Urban Spice, but no one sells it. Even has all of them except that one. So strange.

    On another note the reformulated Shimmer Dusts are gorgeous. Very pigmented with a beautiful metallic finish. Use a finger to press them on, perfect for a pop of shimmer in the middle of the lid. Don’t even try to use them as packaged though, it’s a total mess. I repotted them into some small jars (bead storage jars) and it was super easy, just tap the bottle on the edge of the jar and the product comes right out. The sticker on the bottom peels right off too so you can label them.

    • I see what you mean, but I’d rather have more intense pigmentation I can sheer out, rather than sheer pigmentation that I cannot build; that way I have more variety. But – to each their own! 🙂

      I’ve reviewed one of the Shimmer Dusts and I agree about those though, they’re very nice. I just bought a second to review / swatch as well 🙂

      • waymire

        My super fair skin may play a part. I’ve noticed shades tend to be more intense on me than someone with a darker skintone. At the same time I have trouble with light shades, what looks like a strong highlight on others just blends right in on me.. lol.

  • Thanks for showing these. From the swatches, they are definitely something I’d pass on.

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