Quick Swatch: Sally Hanson Mermaid’s Tale

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - 560 Mermaid's Tale

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – 560 Mermaid’s Tale

Sally Hansen has recently revamped the Complete Salon Manicure line, discontinuing some shades and adding some new ones, but keeping the bottle the same. Quite a while ago, I came across a bottle of the shade Mermaid’s Tale in a Walgreens display, but didn’t buy it – and have regretted it since! I finally found it again at Target, and this time I snapped it up.  It’s also available on Target’s website, plus there’s a locator tool you can use to find it in-store near you.

I have one similar polish – Milani Teal, from the Jewel FX line.  Milani Teal has a clear base with small blue glitters, plus large silver, blue, and green hex glitters. Sally Hansen Mermaid’s Tale has a blue jelly base with the same small blue glitters and the same blue and green hex glitters, but it does not appear to have any silver hex glitters.

Comparison Sally Hanson Mermaid's Tale Milani Teal

SH Mermaid’s Tale – one coat // SH Mermaid’s Tale – three coats // Milani Teal – one coat

Of course, one reason that a lot of people are excited about the Sally Hansen is that it seems to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe. I don’t own Across the Universe to compare myself, but this post by Vampy Varnish has an excellent close up shot. It appears that Across the Universe also has small blue glitters plus the light blue and green hex glitters.  Across the Universe may be in a slightly deeper blue jelly, or it may just be the lighting; it’s hard to say.  If they’re not perfect dupes – and they may be perfect dupes – they’re definitely close enough that you need a side by side comparison to tell the difference!

Overall, I am really happy with my Mermaid’s Tale purchase.  I probably could have frankened something similar with Milani Teal and a blue jelly, but the Sally Hansen is great quality – it’s not streaky even at one coat, and the glitter is nicely distributed.  If you’re looking for an Across the Universe dupe – or just a pretty polish – I’d recommend this one.

(Also: sorry about the lack of on-the-nail swatches; I am loving my current manicure too much to take it off!)

  • Talia

    What blue could I layer milani teal over to make it look similar to actions the universe? Would something like OPIs Russian navy do?

    • I would actually try mixing a clear nail polish with a couple drops of a deep blue to make a blue jelly, then do a coat of the blue jelly, a coat of the Milani, then a coat of the blue jelly (a “jelly sandwich”). This will give a closer match than layering the Milani over a blue creme or shimmer. Hope that’s helpful!

  • Nails By Samantha

    I own that nail color and I love it! Great swatch.