Wet n Wild Cover All Powder Swatches & Photos

Wet n Wild has released two new skin products – Cover All Pressed Powder (3.49 each) and Cover All Cream Foundation (4.49).  I purchased the Cover All Pressed Powder in Light / Medium, the second lightest shade of five.

Wet n Wild Cover All Pressed Powder - Light / Medium

Wet n Wild Cover All Pressed Powder – Light / Medium

I usually don’t mind sub-par packaging from inexpensive brands, but this packaging is really not good at all.  Most makeup doesn’t need mirrors, and it’s nice to have clear tops to see the different shades, but powders really do need mirrors, since they’re so often used for touch-ups.

According to the back of the compact, this powder has a “all day wear” and a “radiant, weightleight finish.”  The word radiant made me suspicious that there might be some shimmer or sparkle, but I couldn’t detect any.

The powder matches my arm quite well, and thus was hard to swatch, but here’s my best try:

Wet n Wild Cover All Pressed Powder - Light / Medium - swatch

unblended / blended

The powder is soft, smooth, and silky.  It does kick up a fair amount of dust when used with a brush (I haven’t tried it with the included sponge).  This is actually my biggest complaint – it gets all over everything, especially if I’m wearing black.

My skin is normal to dry, and leans dry in the winter. I use powder to extend the wear of my makeup, but I don’t need oil control, and it’s important that it not be drying or make my skin look dry. Thus far, this powder seems promising, but I’ll have to test it more and get back to you! Again, this isn’t a full review, but is my initial thoughts – so I will update when I’ve had a chance to play with this more.

I’ve had the chance to wear this powder several times now, and I really like it.  I apply it with a big fluffy brush, and it never makes my skin feel or look dry.  It adds just a little bit of coverage, and does a good job of setting my makeup and helping it last a little bit longer than it would without powder.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for an inexpensive powder.  Based on the quality of the powder alone, I would love to keep this in my bag – but, the lack of mirror means that this won’t work for that.  And, because it creates so much powder when used, I just don’t see myself reaching for it that often.   Still, despite these drawbacks, it’s a very nice powder, especially for under $4, and may be worth a try!


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