Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation Review & Swatches

I’ve tried most of Wet n Wild’s newly released 2013 and Fergie products now (I have a round-up of my reviews here).  I was thinking about the products I haven’t tried; the Fergie gel liner (because I have too many), all the mascaras (because I have WAY too many), and the Cover All cream foundation. I realized that the reason I hadn’t tried the foundation was that I was being a snob – I happily go drugstore for certain products, but I tend to stick with high end foundations.  This is partly because I like to swatch and test before I buy, but given most US drugstore return policies, trying out drugstore foundations is no risk.  So, I decided to give Wet n Wild’s new foundation a try.

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream foundation comes in seven shades, and I selected 817 Light, which is the 3rd lightest shade.

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation 815 Fair, 816 Fair/Light, 817 Light, 818 Light/Medium, 819 Medium, 820 Medium/Tan, 858 Tan

815 Fair, 816 Fair/Light, 817 Light, 818 Light/Medium, 819 Medium, 820 Medium/Tan, 858 Tan
The colors are off in this cell phone photo

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation - 817 Light

817 Light

When I first swatched the foundation on my arm, it looked a bit dark and too peachy for my slightly olive/yellow skin, but it ended up blending in to my face fairly well.  If I’m being picky – and I am picky about foundation matches! – it’s a touch dark now, but it should be fine for most of the year – just not this part of winter.  As claimed, it has medium fo full coverage and a satin-matte finish.

I apologize for the poor quality of the swatch; I took this picture in the late afternoon and the light was fading (the days are so short at this time of year!).

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation 817 Light - swatch

Unblended // blended

First, I applied the foundation to the right half of my face only (your left).  It applied very nicely – easily blended, and it feels lightweight despite the amount of coverage.  It evened out my skintone nicely, and even did a decent job covering some very significant blemishes on my chin.  I’m wearing eye and lip makeup, but no other face products. (The lip is a sneak peek of Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Sexy  Glow Glossy Stain in Hot Pink, review here)

foundation on your left, no face makeup on your right

Here’s another photo (I have now applied foundation to my whole face).  The foundation has no SPF, and it photographs really well. I also took several flash photos in a dark hallway, and there was no white cast in any of them – the foundation looks very natural (but – the photos are terrible – my eyes are closed in just about all of them!)

And finally, this in this last photo I’m wearing the foundation plus Wet n Wild Cover All powder (read my full review of the powder here).
Overall, I am very excited about this foundation! I think it looks fantastic (aside from the color being a bit off at this time of year), photographs beautifully, and just single-handedly destroyed my foundation snobbery.  In fact, I’m so excited that I’m posting this review right away – even though I haven’t had a chance to test the wear yet.  Foundations typically last pretty well on me (all day), but if this one doesn’t, I’ll come back and update. (Update: it seemed to last normally on me – which means that it lasted until I removed it; but keep in mind that I don’t have oily skin, and most foundations do.)

Are you a drugstore foundation person or a high end foundation person? Or do you buy both? Would you try a $4 foundation, and are you planning to try this particular $4 foundation?

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  • Carla Norris

    I recently bought the Coverall foundation, and it’s great!
    It holds up admirably on my EXTREMELY oily skin, provides enough coverage to “blur” my complexion’s anomalies, and the “Fair” shade is an almost perfect match for NW15 me. I’m not a fan of the squeeze-tube “gush-or-nothing” packaging, but I can live with it.

  • Carla Norris

    Sophie, the *only* place I’ve been able to find the lightest shade is at Walgreens!
    I couldn’t even find it on EBay. It’s worth looking for, though, in my opinion.