Rouge Bunny Rouge Snowy Egret & Eclipse Eagle Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

Rouge Bunny Rouge Snowy Egret, Eclipse Eagle

Snowy Egret, Eclipse Eagle

A little while back, Rouge Bunny Rouge held a twitter contest, and I was the lucky winner of their two newest eyeshadows – Snowy Egret and Eclipse Eagle.  I was thrilled to win them, since the three Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows I already own get a lot of use – Solstice Halcyon (review) is probably one of my top three most worn eyeshadows of all time, and Abyssinian Catbird (review) is also a favorite, though I wear it more in summer than in winter.

rouge bunny rouge eyeshadow packaging rouge bunny rouge eyeshadow

Some Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow shades, including these two, are available as refills (pan-only) for around $19, and RBR also makes eyeshadow “keepers” for the refills, though I prefer to use my z-palettes.   I personally prefer the refills, because I find small palettes the easiest to use and they’re a bit less expensive.  However, some shades only come as single eyeshadows (for around $25) – and that’s the packaging I’m showing you today. The single eyeshadow packaging is sturdy plastic with a mirror inside and a stylized bird design on top. It’s functional and pretty, but not particularly luxe.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eclipse Eagle

Eclipse Eagle

Snowy Egret is described by RBR as “Smoked palest gold iridescence.” Eclipse Eagle is described as “Dark brown-grey plum with platinum iridescence.” These descriptions seem quite accurate to me.

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Snowy Egret Eclipse Eagle - Swatches

No primer // with primer

Like all the RBR eyeshadows I have tried, these two eyeshadows are smooth, silky, and have even pigmentation.  Snowy Egret does not look very pigmented in the swatch, but it is clearly not designed to be – it is semi-sheer with gold iridescence, whether swatched alone or over primer.

Some of my Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows, like Abyssinian Catbird, are pigmented enough that they don’t really need primer to look their best; Eclipse Eagle is not.  It swatches fine on it’s own, but looks much, much better over primer, as you can see.  Since I usually use primer I don’t mind that it requires it – the majority of my eyeshadow does – but it’s worth noting.  Over primer, both Snowy Egret and Eclipse Eagle last all day on me without creasing.

Overall, these are really lovely eyeshadows. I particularly love the color of Eclipse Eagle, and recommend it without reservation, especially since you can buy it in refill form. (Rouge Bunny Rouge, if you’re reading this, please release all of your eyeshadows in refill form!)

Where to buy:

Rouge Bunny Rouge counters exist, but there aren’t any in the US, UK, or Western Europe. There are three online retailers, and all three ship worldwide –  Beautyhabit has the best US shipping prices, and (even better!) they just lowered their prices a few days ago on many RBR items.  Zuneta has the best UK shipping prices, and Rouge Bunny Rouge’s own site has inexpensive shipping prices for Germany & the UK, reasonable shipping for the rest of the EU, plus offers a 20% discount for beauty bloggers (you need to email them to set it up). I suggest signing up for the mailing lists of all three websites – all have various specials, sales, and gift with purchases fairly frequently.

*As noted in this review, I received both of these eyeshadows for free directly from Rouge Bunny Rouge as the random winner of a twitter giveaway.  This post contains both affiliate and non-affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • I’m in love with Eclipse Eagle. RBR describes it as the darker version of Delicate Hummingbird. Both look so amazing! About having to use a primer underneath is really fine with me, I always use them anyway! ^^ Thanks for the lovely swatches!

  • Bellyhead

    I really love Eclipse Eagle, too. Such a great smokey shade!

  • Bellyhead

    Bah! I’m disqus-challenged! >:(

  • Oooh goodness, you lucky, lucky girl!! These shades are sooo gorgeous! I have not tried RBR’s famous eyeshadows yet but I think I will be fixing that VERY soon 🙂

  • Hmmm, I just assumed it was some type of bird – I could definitely be wrong 🙂