Revlon Tutti Frutti Lip Butter Review, Swatch, Photos

This is a scheduled post as I’m visiting family this weekend. I may be slower than usual at approving comments and responding to questions. 

I have and love Revlon’s Candy Apple lip butter, and I recently bought a second one – Tutti Frutti, which is a softened orange.   I really like the lip butter formula – I find it to be very moisturizing, yet not too slippery.  It’s pigmented enough that I’d classify it as a glossy, moisturizing lipstick rather than a lip balm.

I don’t love the packaging of the lip butters – there’s something about the quilted-looking plastic on the outside that I just don’t find aesthetically appealing. However, I do like the interior metal part of the packaging, and it is functional and sturdy.  The packaging isn’t something that prevents me from buying the lip butters, but it is something I notice and dislike every time I use them.

Tutti Frutti is a really pretty shade. It would be a good “introduction to orange” shade if you’ve been wanting to try an orange, but don’t want something too bright. I’d say that it’s halfway between coral and orange – it’s nowhere near as bright as Revlon Coral, which is quite bright and quite orange, for example.

The following lip swatch turned out a little bit more muted then the color actually appears on me – the full face photos is more color accurate.  However, I’ve applied a couple coats of Tutti Frutti. If you prefer a more subdued look, you can dab on just one coat.

And, the full face photo – click for full size.

Overall, I’m really glad I bought Tutti Frutti. I have some similar shades – I’ll be doing a coral / orange lipstick comparison post soon – but this one is really flattering, pretty, and has a great formula!


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