Maybelline Holographic Color Show Polishes Information Plus Quick Swatches, Review

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Maybelline Holographic Color Show Polishes Display

Maybelline Holographic Effect Polishes – Spotted at CVS

Maybelline Holographic Color Show Polishes

Lavender Lustre // Alluring Rose

Yesterday, I spotted a display with five new Maybelline Color Show polishes – called the Holographic collection (now available online). Unfortunately, it turns out that they aren’t holo – or even meant to be holo! There is a description of the collection on Maybelline Canada’s website, and it says that they “shift from shade to shade depending on the angle” – that is, they’re meant to be duochrome (they are not very strong duochromes, though).  If you’re not familiar with the difference between holo and duochrome polishes, Nihrida has a guide to nail polish finishes.

However, as disappointing as this collection is, I still have information about all the shades & swatches of two of them.

Here’s a close up of all the bottles in the display:

Maybelline Holographic Polishes

Lavender Lustre // Mystic Green // Alluring Rose // Bold Gold // Blue Blaze

And Maybelline Canada has images of the bottles online that are reasonably accurage as well:


Lavender Lustre


Mystic Green


Bold Gold

Note that Maybelline also has a nail polish in the permanent line named Bold Gold, but this one appears to be different.


Alluring Rose


Blue Blaze


I purchased two shades – Lavender Lustre and Alluring Rose.

Maybelline Lavender Lustre Alluring Rose Swatches

Lavender Lustre // Alluring Rose

Lavender Lustre is fairly pigmented – it covers well in two coats – but I found that it really emphasized the lines on my nails.  It also is quite frosty and not really duochrome at all. I don’t like this one.

Alluring Rose is on the sheer side – it takes about three coats to become opaque.  It’s a little streaky too, but not nearly as bad as Lavender Lustre, and it does have a slight duochrome effect. I don’t love this polish, but I don’t dislike it either.

Here’s Lavender Lustre on my nails; just an iphone shot because I disliked it and removed it immediately!

Maybelline Lavender Lustre Swatch

Lavender Lustre

Overally, for me, this collection is definitely a SKIP. It’s advertised as holographic and it isn’t, and then the polishes are barely duochrome. There are tons of way better duochromes out there – don’t waste your money on these!

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  • Lyn (Cheap As F*ck)

    Misleading advertising, boring finish, AND tiny bottles? No thanks.

  • KD

    I don’t care for Maybelline polishes anyway, but thanks for confirming my suspicions! (that they are the same colors from their fall ’12 LE collection)

    • I think they’re actually different than those polishes – those had stronger duochromes!

  • Melissa

    Wonder what they look like over black, since that can add oomph to lackluster duochromes sometimes…

  • Joey

    there was an Alluring Rose in the ‘Color Goes Electric” collection by maybelline this spring…. why dupe names?

    I agree that alluring rose looks a lot like pink cosmo from fall 2012 and that mystic green looks like avante green

  • Angel

    Thank you for reviewing these, you just saved me from even searching for them. Sound like a total fail! I’ll save my money for that polka dot collection instead.

  • Aw, I was gonna say that the green one looked nice, but I guess I’ll skip it if the holographic effect is so, errr, non-existent. What a shame.

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  • Caroline H

    Lavender Luster looks like a fun robot color.

  • Icequeen81

    Bold gold may be pretty

  • Anita Smith

    yeah that is why I did not purchase any of them; these are metallic, not holos.