Revlon Chroma Chameleon Duochrome Polishes Swatches, Comparisons, Review

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes - Pink Quartz Amethyst Tanzanite Aquamarine

Pink Quartz // Amethyst // Tanzanite // Aquamarine

Today at CVS, I found an untouched display of Revlon’s new Chroma Chameleon polishes.  I think they’re very overpriced at $8.29 (prices may vary by store) for only .29 oz, but luckily CVS has a great deal on Revlon polish this week – $4.99 with $2 back in Extra Bucks.  I had four $1 off coupons for Revlon polishes, so my total (per polish) was $1.99 – a much better price!

Since these are duochromes, I swatched them both alone and over black. I only have nail wheel swatches at the moment, since I wanted to get this post up quickly, but if I have time to swatch these on my nails, I’ll do that and add those swatches to this post.

All four of the polishes were thin, fluid, and easy to apply. They have small brushes which were easy to work with.  Dry time was average.  Note that some of the colors require three coats to be opaque when worn.

Below, each polish is swatched is two coats alone (left swatch), and one coat over black (right swatch) with no top coat.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Swatches - Pink Quartz Amethyst Tanzanite Aquamarine

Bright light, straight on: Pink Quartz // Amethyst // Tanzanite // Aquamarine

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Swatches - Bright direct light: Pink Quartz // Amethyst // Tanzanite // Aquamarine

Shade, angled: Pink Quartz // Amethyst // Tanzanite // Aquamarine

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Swatches

Underwater: Pink Quartz // Amethyst // Tanzanite // Aquamarine

As you can see, Pink Quartz is a peachy-pink that shifts to gold.  It is identical to China Glaze Swanky Silk, and very similar to Maybelline Pink Cosmo, but the Maybelline is very sheer. (My comparison photographs didn’t come out; I’ll retake them and add them to this post by tomorrow).

Amethyst is a purple with a strong green shift. When both are swatched over black, it looks very similar to TKB’s pigment Travel to Venus as nail polish, which I swatched yesterday.  The Revlon has more brushstrokes.

Tanzanite is purple with a slight gold shift; I have a lot of duochrome polish, but I don’t seem to have anything similar.

Aquamarine is light blue alone and vivid blue over black.  Either way, it has a slight purple shift. I don’t have anything similar to it swatched alone, but when each polish is swatched over black, it’s quite similar to Model’s Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice (which I never would have thought of – this is why having all my polish on swatch sticks is so useful!).

For completeness, here are the remaining four polishes that I didn’t purchase:

revlon chroma chameleon rose gold gold topaz cobalt

Rose Gold // Gold // Topaz // Cobalt

Overall, I really like these polishes, especially Amethyst.  I would absolutely recommend buying them at CVS this week for $3, but I am hesitant to recommend spending $8 on them when for only $7, you can get the gorgeous HITS multichrome polishes.

Do you have your eye on any of these?

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  • These look amazing! And I always get really excited when seeing an untouched display, lol ^^. It must be a make-up geek thing, no? I looove the purple with golden shift, now that is something I haven’t seen before!

  • Ohhh these look so pretty

  • Harlowrose

    These remind me of fall.

  • Catrrina

    I own three, Pink Quartz, Tanzanite and Topaz. They apply with ease and are truly eye catching. I want to try them over a black base. Found them on sale too <3