Coral Blush Comparison, Swatches, Photos

When I first started this blog, my goal was to document and swatch all the makeup I already owned. You can see a roundup of all the swatch posts I’ve done on my Project Swatch Roundup page.   I’ve decided to redo a couple of the earliest swatches, because the photo quality is so poor.  Today, I’m re-swatching my coral blushes for you! I love coral blush because it’s really natural on me and very easy to wear.

all the coral blush

I tried to arrange the swatches from pink-coral to orange-coral, with the two shimmers on the far right (the rest are matte).  There are three creams, and four powders. On to the close ups and shade descriptions!

TheBalm The Drama Queen is from the The Balm and The Beautiful Palette. It’s a lip / cheek stain, and it works well as either. It’s the brightest coral I have, but it blends out really well.

Smashbox Smashing Publish, which is discontinued, has been my favorite blush for a long time. It’s sheer enough to be easy to apply, but pigmented enough to be easy to build up.  I really love it – it’s a perfect everday color for me, and it’s still the blush I reach for most often.

TheBalm Frat Boy is a touch pinker than Smashing Publish, and a touch more powdery.  It’s still a very lovely blush, but because it’s so similar to a favorite of mine, I don’t reach for it as often.

MUFE Quickie (review) is a great product. It lasts all day and is a really natural color on me.  The pump is a little difficult to work with, because it pumps out too much product, but it’s still a favorite.

Illamasqua Rude (review) is a really great color. However, I find that it doesn’t last very well on me, so despite the gorgeous color, I don’t reach for it as often as my other coral blushes.

Sonia Kashuk Sunset was one of the first coral blushes I bought.  It is slightly shimmery, so I don’t wear it as often as the other blushes in my stash. Still, it’s a subtle shimmer and a lovely color, so I would definitely recommend it!

Milani Corallina is very pigmented, high quality, and a beautiful color, but far too shimmery for my tastes.  If you don’t mind the shimmer – or if you like shimmer – it’s a great blush, though!

Is there a particular shade of blush you’re drawn to?


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